Power to the Students

Bing is sponsoring a “kids owned and operated” event on September 18th (Saturday) called TEDxRedmond chaired by the youngest TED speaker, 12-year old Adora Svitak.  A free, inspirational event for kids by kids, this one-of-a-kind conference will bring some of the most extraordinary youth from Washington State and the nation to share insights, knowledge, and “ideas worth spreading” with their peers.

Adora and the TEDxRedmond event team have worked extremely hard to coordinate and bring in some of the nation’s top young people with big ideas and talents – many who are Washington natives.  This event is for those 18 and under – parents of attending children are welcome to attend and watch the simulcast in a separate theater within the conference center.   If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the Bing kiosk to find out the what the world’s first “decision engine” is up to – you might be surprised by what we’ve been cooking up lately.  Microsoft Surface will also have their revolutionary multi-touch and multi-user tables for everybody to experience – very cool stuff.

So, why’s Bing doing this?  At Bing, we believe our mission is to empower people with knowledge and help them make better decisions. Search is in many ways about connecting people to the world’s possibilities via the Internet, and no decision is more important than ensuring children get access to a great education. To bring this vision to life, Bing recently launched REDU, a site designed to expand and encourage the national conversation around education reform in the US, and we just announced Our School Needs competition. When we heard about Adora and her plans to organize a kids-focused event around the theme of “student empowerment”, it was a natural fit for Bing to sponsor the conversations.     

Next best thing to actually attending is catching the live video stream and watch as the event unfolds.  To do this,  go to http://tedxredmond.com/live/ and the streaming will begin at 2pm (PST) on September 18

If Twitter is your mode of consuming real-time happenings, follow @tedxredmond or #tedxredmond. 

Aya Zook – Bing/REDU Product Manager

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