Our Commitment to Education

The idea of connecting people to information is something that the team here at Bing strongly believes in and something that we know teachers across the world do every day.  Bing provides data and a service that empowers teachers with tools and students with a vast amount of knowledge, giving them the ability to learn and explore both in and outside their classrooms.  We’ve demonstrated our support, especially in the classroom through programs like the Earth Day Photo Contest, Teacher Appreciation, and with the recently launched initiative, REDU.  Today, we launch another program, the “Our School Needs” competition, with visits from Singer Josh Groban to a school in NYC and TV Personality Maria Menounos to a school in Los Angeles. 

Our School Needs is a competition open to all teachers and students in public and private K-12 schools in the United States.  Starting today people will have the tools and information needed to prepare their entry telling us what their school needs with an essay, pictures and an optional video.   Is it new desks, sports equipment, a remodeled theatre?  Then on September 20th we start welcoming submissions and you can review and rate your favorites.  Once submissions are over, a judging panel will narrow the field to the top 15 finalists.  Then, you can vote each day for your favorite entry. The first 30,000 voters each day will receive a $3 DonorsChoose.org donation code to help fund a classroom projects of their choice.  On November 9th, the top vote getter will receive the grand prize of $100,000.  There are first place prize winners in each category as well- K-6, 7-9 and 10-12 – who will each receive $50,000.

In conjunction with the contest, Bing will launch a new interactive map that shows how you can help schools by locating schools that need funding for projects on DonorChoose.org and displaying volunteer opportunities in your area as well as schools across the country. 

Every child deserves a great education. Bing enthusiastically supports the teachers, educators and parents who make it happen with products, programs and donations that help provide a great learning environment.  You can make a difference today by joining the education conversation at REDU, and by supporting the Our School Needs competition

As we continue our education efforts be sure to check out the new Bing Education Blog for updates.

Barbara Blanchard – Bing Education


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