Exciting News From Bing and Yahoo! (Again)

Last week we shared the exciting fact that we had completed the migration of web search results for our search alliance with Yahoo!.

Today we reached another important milestone as we will be inviting Yahoo! Search Marketing to begin their transition to Microsoft Advertising adCenter in the US and Canada.

This means we expect the paid search transition to be complete by the end of October.

It’s been a busy summer, and we are excited about all the great progress we have made working hand in hand with Yahoo!

We are looking forward to a smooth transition this fall, and more great innovation coming from Bing, adCenter and the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance.

Satya Nadella – Senior Vice President, Online Services Division

Once the transition is complete, we will continue our work to roll out this unified search and advertising marketplace internationally, driving great benefits to consumers, publishers and advertisers.

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