Bing Integration into Windows Live Messenger Beta

With the latest version of Messenger, you can now bring Bing into your conversations in a few exciting new ways.

The first way you will be able to do this is through contextual linking. When a term is recognized, a green dashed line appears under that term. When you click on that word, you are given links from Bing to websites, photos, and videos which you can add to your conversation.



Some of the categories of content that Messenger and Bing recognize include:

· Brands

· Bands and Singers

· Places

· Famous Movies

· Famous people


The other way is to use the information from Bing as a search and share experience.  You are able to add content that is indexed and searched by Bing directly into your conversation. Let’s say you want to share a video with a friend you are having a conversation with over IM, below are the steps to embed the video:

· From the IM toolbar you select: Share video from Bing.

· Enter your search term in the Bing search box

· Click the magnifying glass

· Pick the video you want to share


Now you can share information from Bing right inside your Messenger conversation. You can download the Messenger Beta for Windows 7 and Windows Vista here. So, give it a try and let us know what you think.

For more information on this and some of the other new Windows Live Messenger features make sure to check out their team blog post.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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