Introducing Bing Highlights for Safari

Last month, we had the pleasure of announcing that, in conjunction with Apple, Bing would be included as one of the search engine choices within Safari.

Today, we’d like to introduce our first extension for Safari: Bing Highlights.

Bing Highlights brings intelligent, contextually sensitive information to the web pages you’re reading. Using it is easy: just highlight text on a web page. Bing Highlights will recognize interesting information (or “entities” in information science-speak) and offer you some smart choices.

For example, here’s what may happen if you highlight a U.S. formatted address:


You can interact with the map in the pane, and get driving directions.

If you highlight some text in a foreign language, you can get translations. You can even hear the text spoken by clicking on the icons.


You can also get up-to-date flight status information by highlighting a flight number:


And, of course, you can easily get search results from Bing for any text that you select. This extension helps bring the power of Bing one step closer to your fingertips.

Click to download Bing Highlights from Apple’s Safari Extension Gallery. It works with Safari 5.0.1 or newer, for both Mac and PC.

Creating this extension was fun, and we are excited to continue working closely with Apple in bringing visually compelling Bing experiences to Safari.

On behalf of the entire Bing Highlights team, I hope you enjoy our product!

Dennis Cheung – Bing, Senior Program Manager Lead

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  1. bouka55

    wow that was quick, Safari extensions were only announced yesterday. Sadly though I don't use Safari, Never seen a reason to!

  2. Search Engine Sifu

    Will Microsoft make Bing Highlights for Firefox?

  3. cellhub

    Well it's good for any search. but with only safari. i think it is not work well with IE.

  4. tuannh

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  5. davidcltn7

    I use Safari 5.0.1 and it is a great news for me. Nice extension. Thanks for sharing the download link.


  6. davidcltn7

    Thanks for the information. I use safari the new version and this extension will help me a lot. Thanks for the download link.

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