Instant Replay

One question that users often ask is how they can find past homepage images.  Sure those arrows let you revisit the last 7 days’ worth of homepages, but what about last month? Well, you asked and we answered.

Today we’re really excited to announce our Bing homepage Visual Search gallery


Now you can go back through previous homepage images to see what you’ve missed or revisit old favorites. And you can sort by a variety of categories, including all the homepages featuring countries in Europe, or every homepage image from space.


Click on the image you like, and you’ll be taken to a details page where you can learn more about the subject in the photo and see related images. And click “ZOOM IN” for an even larger view!


On Bing, we bring you a dazzling new homepage photo every day. If you’re new to the homepage, don’t forget to check out Welcome Home for a tour.



Stephanie Horstmanshof
Managing Editor

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