Web N-Gram Now More Accessible

Today the Microsoft Research team will be at SIGIR 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland discussing new updates to the Web N-gram service and participating in a number of other workshops as well as a Keynote.

Where you can Find Microsoft at SIGIR:

Keynote: Refactoring the Search Problem to Exploit Difference Between Clients and Servers
Dr. Gary Flake, Microsoft, Director of Live Labs


· Crowd Sourcing for Search Evaluation

· Understanding, Supporting, and Evaluating Personal Data Search

· Query Representation and Understanding

· Web N-gram

The Microsoft Web N-gram service has been in beta since April and researchers, worldwide, have been developing amazing applications using this service. Here is an example featuring Multiword tag clouds developed by Dr. Li Ding from RPI.

We sat down with Kuansan Wang, Principle Researcher from the Microsoft research team to discuss Web N-gram as well as some of the new announcements that are coming from SIGIR:


For more details you can visit the Microsoft External Research blog or visit the newly updated website. Please go and give it a try, and let them know what you think.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing


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