Bing Map Apps SDK Release, Site Enhancements and New Platform APIs

Today at Tech Ed, 2010 in New Orleans, LA we’re announcing some big additions to Bing Maps which focus around both developers and end users. First, we’re officially announcing an SDK for developers to build Map Apps for Bing Maps. Bing Map Apps are web services that are being integrated as an application layer within Bing Maps. With the release of the SDK, developers can now create their own map apps built on top of Bing Maps and hosted on You can see a full list of map apps by going to Bing Maps (Silverlight required) and clicking map apps. For more details on the Bing Map Apps SDK Release, check out the Bing Maps Blog.

Bing Maps has also released a slew of features to preview prior to a full release. Bing Map App ratings – to review the map apps being submitted; map overlays – to view custom maps such as malls and theme parks; and, since the site was upgraded to Silverlight 4, right-click support with a full menu of options are just a few of the new features on Bing Maps. For a full list and deep dive of new features check out the Bing Maps Blog.

Last, but certainly not least, The Bing Maps Platform is expanding its array of interfaces to include a REST API. The REST API provides geocoding, maps and routing capabilities through a simple http connection which responds to your applications with XML or JSON. Additionally, we’re introducing a Spatial Data API for batch geocoding (or reverse geocoding) locations in batches. For more details on the full release of the Bing Maps Platform updates, check out the Bing Maps Blog.

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