A Farewell to Bing cashback

One of the principles we have here at Bing is to constantly experiment and learn. We do this to ensure we are keeping pace with new social and technology trends, and can continue to deliver great value for our customers and advertisers.

As part of this “test-and-learn” mentality, we will be retiring the Bing cashback feature, which means that the last day you can earn cashback will be July 30, 2010.

Why are we doing this? When we originally began to offer the cashback feature, it was designed to help advertisers reach you with compelling offers, and to provide a new type of shopping experience that would change user behavior and attract a bunch of new users to Bing.

In lots of ways, this was a great feature – we had over a thousand merchant partners delivering great offers to customers and seeing great ROI on their campaigns, and we were taking some of the advertising revenue and giving it back to customers. But after a couple of years of trying, we did not see the broad adoption that we had hoped for.

So we are taking all the learning from the effort and putting it into some new programs for you and our advertisers designed to provide amazing shopping experiences for consumers and great opportunities for advertisers.

Our strategy for Bing remains consistent – working hard to understand the intent of your search and helping you make smarter decisions and complete important tasks.

Shopping remains one of the most important tasks people engage in while using search, and we remain committed to delivering great shopping experiences for you that help you make better shopping decisions, get great deals, and save time and money along the way. For merchants and advertisers, we have some ideas for making it easy to get a broader array of products and offers into Bing, and we’ll share some details on this later this summer.

So what does this mean for Bing cashback users? Well, until July 30th at 9:00 pm PST, it’s business as usual, with cashback offers still living within Bing. After that, Bing cashback will discontinue, though you will have a year to redeem any cashback you have earned through your cashback account consistent with the cashback Terms and Conditions. In addition, Microsoft will provide 12 months of customer support to ensure a smooth transition.

We’d like to thank all our advertising partners and the customers who used the service. We hope you have had great experiences and received some great value to date, and we are looking forward to sharing some exciting new ideas with you all in the near future.

For more information please see the cashback FAQ.

Thanks again to all of our partners and customers.

Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President, Online Audience Business Group

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  1. deeds

    That stinks

  2. panchangxuan99

    really really bad news……….

  3. panchangxuan99

    bad bad bad………

  4. pipatel

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO..keep bing alive

  5. parsonsproject93

    :(  I know a lot of people only started to use Bing because of Bing Cashback, such a dissapointment.

  6. dokteriq

    shouldnt you wait till bing is adopted before you conclude that this is not being adopted ?

  7. logan908

    Darn it.

  8. Quality Directory

    I have enjoyed CashBack and sad it will be discontinued next month.

  9. AfewMore

    This is really bad news.I changed my default search engine at home AND work to Bing because of Cashback, please reconsider!

  10. mkliao


  11. liljill8

    Oh nooooo

    This is very, very disappointing. I didn't make very much on it…a few dollars here and there. However, it did cause me to research products and vendors on their site before looking elsewhere. More often than not, I would go with one of their vendors if the price difference wasn't huge, even if it cost me more. I did this as a kind of, "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours".

    I also got a lot of my friends and coworkers to begin to use Bing. I wonder if the reasons they gave are true, failure to catch hold, versus the probable reason, the cost of maintenance…all of those little accounts of a few dollars require accountants and systems.

    While I won't say that I won't ever look through their site for vendors when searching for prices, I will say that I will not make Bing the first search vehicle I will use nor will I use their engine every time. Their site can be a little frustrating at times, re: separating the products of which I am actually seeking vs. accessories (and getting invalid results at times). Without BCB, I will use other sites that are easier to navigate.

    I wish that they would reconsider their decision but my guess is that it is a done deal.

  12. Experience Advertising

    Probably not a good enough marketing push behind it…

  13. AfewMore

    The Petition to save Bing CashBack starts here! Type "SAVE BING CB" into your comments!

  14. taesiri

    baaaaaaad news!

  15. Anto

    Whaaaat?! But I know tons of people who use Bing CashBack!!! It's awesome and I KNOW it adds to Bing search users!!! If you kill BCB, I guarantee to you that Bing search users will decline!!!

  16. wilsto

    this is no good, I only started using Bing because of BCB.  bummer.

  17. rockey.nebhwani

    Since now this program is closing, what is the way to upload the products to Bing. Following page still says to use Bing Cashback program.


  18. vijay_koppu


  19. wowotoe

    I just bought a netbook and set IE's default search engine to Bing partly due to BCB. So I guess on July 31th, I'll switch back to Google.

  20. toddmoss

    Come on man.  Terrible news!

  21. dingomutt

    This sucks!  I will be less likely to shop without bing cashback!

  22. jimconnor

    Well that's really bad news.  Hard to believe you can't make money with this feature.  Many smaller businesses have existed on only shopping click throughs and rebates for years.  Besides shopping cashback the only thing bing offers that is superior is the birds eye maps.  And honestly, that's not enough.  My default search engine will definitely be reset to Google come August 1st.

  23. jigaratms

    If people were not using it, it means people are not aware of it. Who would not want to save (earn) some money while getting exactly what they want?

    I think this is not a good move, especially at this time.

  24. kbohart

    Well it's back to google for me then, seems once again MS can't connect with its user-base and discontinues another great program.  This is why MS is a slow-bleeding beast, horrid decisions like this.

  25. skimandave

    i dont know about you guys but i made hundreds of dollars ording things for other people and useing bing cash back.  I thought it was a great way of making extra money but if they take it away i guess i go back to google and get google check out discounts.

  26. jollygoodgold

    Welp, back to fatwallet cash back.

  27. r_o_h_i_t_2_2

    with 2-10% cash back, there would be very few who would adopt it.

    Try the new website http://www.zumali.com for getting real cash back. Up To 50% Cash Back on all products.

  28. l82688

    Give Cash"back" or no more Bing…

    Honestly, if bing didn't offer cashback anymore, I wouldn't use bing either.

  29. michaelosmile

    That suck!! Bing CashBack was the only thing good about Bing.  I guess I won't be coming back here again. What else is Bing good for?

  30. two1st_names

    Noooo!! I've gotten so many of my friends and family members to transition to using Bing from Google – and they love it! Cashback is what made them consider the switch, which then got them to explore the other areas of Bing. I hope you guys reconsider because so many of the people who have switched love the cashback program – that alone shows that this program IS working!

  31. yasirwazir

    It is quite sad to hear this : ( I have seen many people who use Bing just because of this feature.

  32. e2408

    shoot! bad news for us but good new for other cash back offer website such fatwallet.

  33. rhino942

    Does this mean that Jellyfish shopping will come back?

  34. neoslan

    NOO!!!  I feel betrayed.  I switched 75% of my online search/maps/etc to Bing a year and a half ago.  Bing Cashback strongly influenced my decision.  The only holdout was Gmail.  I just never liked Microsoft's implementation of web-based email.  I love Bing Cashback.  I hope Microsoft will bring it back!

    Change your mind Microsoft, I love Bing Cashback.  I don't want to see it go away!  Bring back Bing Cashback!

    If Microsoft really follows through on their word, I'm going to stop using their Bing services in August.  I have no qualms about going back to Google.  Like I said, I feel betrayed that they are discontinuing a beloved service offering from Bing.

    At the very least…spin off as Jellyfish and keep it integrated as a partner for Bing!

  35. shawnmurphyfamily

    I just found out about Bing cashback recently, signed up for a Windows Live account, & started using Bing.  I would have NEVER done that without the cashback (affiliate marketing money) incentive!!!  I need more time & more incentive to change my Google habits.  The Bing cashback incentive program is brilliant!!!  Sheer brilliance I tell you!  DO NOT END THIS PROGRAM!  Passing the affiliate marketing money on to the regular consumer creates enormous goodwill to the masses of regular people in a very difficult economy.  You don't see Google doing something so beneficial to the masses & online retailers do you???  Do not be short sighted, it takes time for things like this to get traction, heck I just found out about this & I'm online everyday of my life.  

  36. moghingold

    Don't shut down! BCB is literally THE only reason I use Bing search at all!

  37. lookingforonejob

    I don't think it is a good decision. Maybe doesn't work in US but could work in other countries where Bing could become bigger. Another thing is the model plan, before to shut it down should try make some changes on this model. Could be changed to onther benefit to the user and no money back. And before to be shut down I think Bing could test it in other country for sure as people in other country could like it.

  38. comparerewards

    Comparing rewards programs/cashback sites is what I've done on my website for 9 years now, and if you're looking for a replacement for Bing, I'd suggest you look at MrRebates and Extrabux.  MrRebates has incredibly high shopping rates and a ton of stores to choose from (including some that Bing lacked like DisneyStore).  Extrabux has a product price comparison tool similar to Bing's, and it factors in coupon codes (which it does allow, unlike Bing), cashback, tax, and shipping.

    Am sorry to see Bing Cashback go, and as others have voiced, I don't see much use to continue to use Bing anymore.

  39. pmturso

    So that means there is no longer much of a reason to use Bing. :(  Back to Google…  Is there a way you can let us know when you restate it or change the name… again.  Here's a HUGE HINT.  If you want to get people to use something, DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME THREE TIMES!!!!!!




    you do know, they are all super stupid, and live.com was the way to go… "live" implies that the result is "live" and thus dynamically accurate…

    Oh Well…

  40. cejescott


  41. chuck.b


    Seriously… I have a few converts just because of this cashback… its a great program!

  42. andre_cz

    There r other cash back Websites such as eBuyandsave.co.uk it is not the end of the world guys

  43. vemnox

    This is a big mistake.  Cash Back was something I used every time I made an online purchase.  I, quite honestly, have no reason to use Bing anymore.  Cash Back was the one edge this place had over Google and I quite seriously cannot fathom any draw for returning to the site.  I know this decision is probably already in stone, but any Microsoft execs reading all these negative comments – I hope you reconsider.

  44. coolspot

    What a bad idea… and I was hoping MS would eventually launch it in Canada.

    Oh well, back to Google.

  45. lisadouglas1

    For all of you that use(d) Bing and know others that did as well… let me share some GREAT NEWS!  There is a four year old company that has been paying cash back to over 100,000 users.  THIS MONTH, ironically, they are releasing a new search engine that will blow you away.  You will be able to find the LOWEST PRICE in seconds. It also combs the internet for you to find the best coupon code! This company tried to partner with Bing months ago to utilize their search, but when Microsoft said "yes" then "no", they knew something was wrong.  Good news is, they went out and created their own.  It has the BEST search technology on the internet… It is already linked to over 2000 of the biggest names in retail.  It is NOW the largest shopping portal on the internet.

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    I am here to show you the way!

  46. noteworthy

    For those of you who are crying over the loss of Bing cash back, you need to look into switching over to the Shop to Earth shopping portal that pays a cash back % on online purchases from over 2,000 retailers including many eco-friendly/green companies.  It's a simple concept and if you're shopping online, you might as well get paid cash back for it!  Shop to Earth has a strong company backing and continues to grow and add retailers each month!  So long Bing Cash Back, Hello Shop to Earth!  Learn more @


  47. mehl

    Now I no longer have a reason to use Bing.

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