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A lot of us don’t shop alone. Going to the mall is often a social thing, so why should shopping online be any different? 75% of shoppers seek advice from others even when shopping online and now Bing shoppers can too! In the last announcement we refreshed the look of the reviews page so you can navigate the reviews from users and experts. Today we’ve unrolled a few more links to make it easy for you to ask for the input of your closest advisor- your social network.

You can now search Bing Shopping for the HTC HD2 Smartphone, and ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter if Bing Shopping is giving you the best price after cashback or if this is the one you should buy.

 You’ve had sharing for certain results like news and entertainment for a few months and now we bring you this sharing experience into Bing Shopping! With a single click you can ask for advice from your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter for their take on a product you saw on Bing Shopping. You can even share it the old fashioned way – over email!  We see our users using it not only to get feedback on price but on whether a particular product would look good on them, has a better model, etc.

 So go and enjoy shopping with Bing Shopping and sharing and let us know what you think!

As always, stay tuned to this space- we have more in store for you this summer.

Lawrence Lam Program Manager, Bing Shopping

Sonam Saxena Product Manager, Bing Shopping

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