Happy Earth Day From the North Pole

What better way to celebrate Earth Day then to congratulate Explorer Eric Larsen and his teammates Antony Jinman and Darcy St-Laurent on their arrival to the North Pole later today. What an amazing accomplishment! We thank them for making the trek to help bring awareness to climate change and for taking Bing along for the ride! 

Awhile back we mentioned that we had sponsored explorer Eric Larsen’s Save the Pole expedition, he had just returned from the South Pole and was getting ready to take off on the second leg of his trip. Destination: North Pole. It has been exciting keeping up with his day to day progress on his journey, from the many stories of how they maneuvered through the ice, to Eric having to get geared up in his dry suit to swim across open water dragging their equipment behind him. His use of social media during his expedition has enabled us to follow along and watch and learn from his travels; through posts on the blog on their website, updates on Twitter and posts on Facebook, we feel like we’ve been there every step of the way.

Eric Larsen - 4  Eric Larsen - 3

Eric still has one leg of his Save the Poles expedition which will take him to the top of Mt. Everest this fall and we will be there to cheer him on (ok…we will be there in spirit). You can find information on Eric and his quest on his website, read the latest news and discussions about his expeditions on Newsvine as well get all the up to day information on Twitter and Facebook.

Like Eric says “Remember, it’s cool to be cold. Save the Poles. Save the planet.”

Happy Earth Day!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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