New Bing App for iPhone is Here!

Today we’re excited to announce an update to the Bing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get it for free from the App Store on your device or use iTunes to download it.

In the months following the November release of the app, we received great feedback from people with suggestions for improvements, many of which have been added to this release. For instance, we’ve made a number of stability fixes and usability tweaks, especially in image search, and design updates have made options and dialog boxes easier to use.

And that’s not all! We have some new features to tell you about:

Bookmarks and improved web browsing:  you can now bookmark maps, directions, web sites, businesses, search terms, even the weather report, and get to the bookmarks right from the Bing home page.

Sharing:  you can share interesting results with your friends using e-mail.

Copy and paste URLs: you told us and we listened! We now support copying and pasting URLs.

Parental control on search settings: we helped make search safer by letting you set a SafeSearch level and create a passcode so it can’t be changed. This is a benefit for parents who want to make sure the kids are only going to safe sites on their devices.

Search history and private search:  you can now view and edit your search history.  You can also search the web without saving your history on the device using private search.

Explicit location setting: let your iPhone find you or set a specific location so you can search near there (super useful when you’re going to travel to another city and want to find things around there).

Tighter integration of contacts in directions:  Bing now autosuggests contacts from your address book when you enter start and end locations in directions.

Support for 1st generation iPod touch devices: we now support all versions of iPod touch.

     bing_hp_coyotebutte      image

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There have been over a million downloads of the Bing app for iPhone so far. We’d love to know what you think of this latest update.

Florian Voss – Bing for Mobile

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  1. webguy

    Good news for apple fans of which i am not one!

  2. swaroopch

    Not available in the India Store :(

  3. jfsfoster

    Please release this in the UK itunes store.

  4. epheterson

    Please fix this bug!

    After clearing search history, the 'Back' history is not cleared. That is, the previous search is saved and cannot be cleared. Clicking the back arrow takes you to the previous webpage AND search result. Actually, the ENTIRE SEARCH HISTORY STILL EXISTS in this way.

    Huge flaw. Shame, Microsoft. It's the little things like this which will not allow you to overtake any competitors, you do not pay attention to the details.

  5. epheterson

    Also, not letting me capitalize letters in my comments is retarded. Please fix that as well.

  6. brianm76

    Many of the performance issues I previously complained about seem to be fixed and the app on my Iphone 3G is noticiably quicker.  I have a new issue now…even though the settings are correct I am unable to place the phone to my ear and voice search.  I am forced to press the voice search icon next to the search box.  I checked in the google app and it works there by placing my phone to my ear.  Seems to not be sensing the phone near my ear in the Bing App.  

  7. smikleson

    Not only is this better than Bing for Windows Mobile 6.* (You took away the Movies feature! And Gas Prices! The old Live Search was far better than this)…. it's apparently also better than the Windows Phone 7 Series app since what has been demoed so far doesn't have an Image search. It can't be Bing without image search. Also, Silverlight desktop Bing Maps is so superior, why doesn't the 7 Series phone app have that same feel? It Even Map Apps should be included, IMO.

  8. mackenziepricee

    Just release the app in all stores.  I am really not sure why this has to be so hard.  As an Australian user I am stuck with a crippled version of Bing on the PC, So I have to use Bing US.  On my stupid iPhone I have to use Yahoo or Google search because you have removed the app.

    The Bing app is the only thing that makes me enjoy my iPhone at all.

    Not impressed at all Microsoft,

    Not one little bit.

  9. Kareena

    Thanks for the news!

  10. giju

    Is there a bing app for nokia phones? (cant find any on the Ovi store)

  11. Kareena

    thanks for the news!

  12. givelord

    Congratulations for this informing post. Best regards

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