Stefan is Back Which Means…

Ok…so I know last week you were all wondering where Stefan was. To be honest he doesn’t remember and I am not in the business of keeping tabs on him anymore, so alas there was no video. However I still had Free T-Shirt Friday and we did have two winners from the week prior and last week! So if you are listed below I will follow you through the @bing twitter account so that all you need to do is Direct Message (DM) us your mailing address and your shirt size and we will get them to you as fast as we can get them from the Bing Shirt Shop (that doesn’t really exist but you know what I mean).

· Free T-Shirt Friday Winners – Them “The Academy Awards”

@hectorsm – “Penelope Cruz, my friends :) RT @bing: “Who will walk away with an Oscar this weekend? #FTF #Oscars #Academy Awards ^KM”

@brandonm80211 –  “RT @bing: Who will walk away with an Oscar this weekend? #FTF #Oscars #Academy Awards ^KM – James Cameron for sure”

· Free T-Shirt Friday Winners – Theme “Jolly Old England”

@udazzle – “@bing God of cricket #FTF” – his entry is an image search of “Sachin Tendulkar” a famous cricket player. (view tweet)

@joeleyba – “@bing #FTF” – his entry is a search of “historic London pubs” (view tweet)

This week Stefan is back and took some questions from the forums as well as talked about some interesting stuff that the team is up to down at SXSWI, Mix as well as some cool stuff he saw over at Cray Inc. the Super Computer Company yesterday and he also gives us the #FTF theme for the week. Ok, the theme part ended up on the editing room floor on accident (my bad) so the Free T-Shirt Friday theme for the week giving a shout out to our friends down in Austin, TX for SXSW is “Music Groups.” Go to Bing and search for your favorite band, singer, indie rock group whatever is your thing and send us the result URL to us @bing via twitter and hash-tag (#) it FTF. 

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Happy Friday!

Kristin Meldahl 

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