Bing’s Earth Day Photo Contest for Students

On Friday at NCCE Seattle we announced that our next homepage photo contest will kickoff on March 29 and this time there’s a twist. We’re asking students in the United States to submit photos to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and the winning photo will be displayed on the Bing homepage on April 22, Earth Day itself!

homepage1 Justin Kraemer, winner of the Bing Home Sweet Homepage Photo contest

In addition to the grand prize winner seeing their photo on, we’ve pulled together some great prizes for both students and their schools. Winners across the four age groups (ages 5-10, 11-13, 14-17 and 18+) will win a trip for two to the Microsoft Campus to take part in a Bing editorial team meeting where we pick images for future homepages. Additionally, each winner will receive equipment from HP and Canon to help build digital photo resources at their school. Prizes for individual winners and their schools across the four age groups will total over $70,000.

· 1st place prizes: Individuals receive an HP Pavilion desktop and monitor and a “Digital Photo Lab” for their school.

· 2nd place prizes: Individuals receive an HP Pavilion desktop and monitor and a “Digital Photo Kit” for their school.

· 3rd place prizes: Individuals receive an HP Pavilion desktop and monitor and a “Digital Photo Starter Set” for their school.

And here’s the “everyone wins” part. There’s a great opportunity to help other classrooms in need during the voting stage from April 13th to the 19th. Bing will give a $5.00 GivingCard for to the first 20,000 people who vote each day. Voters can then decide what classroom projects (like math, science, art, reading) will benefit from Bing’s donation. If you do the math, we’re talking up to $100,000 a day to help schools across the country. Each day you can return to the site to cast another vote and have an opportunity to pick up another GivingCard.

Bing helps students explore the world with our rich homepage imagery every day, so we’re excited to see what the country’s students think we might all want to discover.

To find out more about the contest, including the submission and voting process and prizes for the finalists, visit Teachers will be able to order free posters for their classrooms in the coming days, as well as take advantage of other contest resources on the site.

Liz Tassey Gerber, Bing

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  1. sachinjoseph

    Why are students outside the US not allowed to participate in the contest? Microsoft doesn't want a market share outside the United States? I heard that Microsoft was spending about $100 million in advertising Bing. But till date I have not seen a single advertisement to be seen by a common man in India – not in newspapers nor magazines.

  2. Seattle SEO


    No offense, but Bing is US owned, naturally they are going to have something that caters to just US residents.


    Seattle SEO:

    Heh – But it this case should the BING work only on US sites and only on US AREA  ???

    I'm not agree  this one  – personaly I represendt the estern Europe – Moldova …

  4. creative

    Nice picture, just wanted to know if I can sent to BING pictures that can be used in the BING HOME PAGE. Pl advise how do i send it and to revert.

  5. Explorer7

    It's a Earth day contest , so it would be better if students from around the world are allowed to participate.

    Bing is customizing itself for different countries one by one , but this contest should have been treated specially and should be open globally.

  6. bouka55

    It would be absolutely rewarding to have your picture on the Bing homepage for an entire day, its something i'd tell my kids about!

  7. givelord

    Just to know if Bing checks the Photo to see whether it's genuine or it has been modified using a software.

  8. rightmerca

    This contest does specifically state US students only.  Maybe this is regional in aspect or by country.  Try the country that you live in and see if a similar photo contest is being done.  If not since Microsoft is US owned company with many offices globally they are doing in such as the company is US owned.  Other companies that have origins in other contries may do the same andthus limit the participants in that said country.  Do not complain that if in another country that you can participate and do not try the argument of being descriminated against. Since this is a privately owned company they can make the rules as they see fit.  If you still feel that is not fair then write the company in a letter in your hanwriting by postal mail.  E-mal will not be as effective.  I personally stand behind the rules and will have my child participate and that of his peers as well.  Life is not fair and no has thus stated it is.  Stop feeling entitled because the world is a dog eat dog world and having your mindset and always question everything will be far more useful and than complaint.  find a solution to the problem

  9. kmeldahl

    We have recently run two worldwide photo contests and are in the midst of planning the next one.  We’re glad to see folks are interested in participating in the Bing photo contest outside the US so make sure to stay tuned for announcements about our future local and worldwide contests!

    Kristin – Bing Community Manager

  10. sweetd

    I was wondering if you were allowed to submit more than one photo in this contest?

  11. Josie

    YAY! something rewarding to work for!

  12. dale0008

    Why do none of the links work???? It was working before the contest started now they aren't working at all.

  13. zvwhiteford

    Has anyone noticed that the website has been unavailable since yesterday?  I have all my students working on this, but they can not open the page to review the guidelines since last night. How is this possible? It was advertised that it would start yesterday but we can not get to any of the pages.

    Very disappointing…

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