Discovering the World with Bing

Where would we be if people like Columbus or Einstein hadn’t taken a risk on an idea or notion or if people like Jane Goodall or even Dr. Bing hadn’t followed their passions?  As a global community, we have benefited from discoveries in science and technology, exploration and the arts in ways we don’t always recognize day to day.  But without these advances and explorations, our lives would be dramatically different.

Since the launch of Bing we have partnered on projects that we believe support this idea. Through projects like 10,000 Rockets and our work with the Pacific Science Center on the Facing Mars exhibit we try to encourage kids of all ages to learn and discover through science and technology. Our latest partnership with explorer Eric Larsen is something that we hope will keep that interest and importance top of mind.

Eric leaves today from Ottawa on his journey for the North Pole which begins the second leg of his Save the Poles Expedition in an effort to raise awareness and tell his story about the climate change in these areas. He recently returned from his first leg to the South Pole and will be attempting to summit Mount Everest in the fall reaching what Eric calls the “Three Poles”.  Accomplishing all three of these adventures in one year is something that has never been done before. Ever.

STP_28 It is our hope that you will follow Eric’s progress with us and get the opportunity to learn and discover what it takes to follow one’s passions, to take risks and to make the difficult decisions designed to increase the world’s knowledge and make life better for everyone. We will be tracking Eric’s progress and creating a forum for you to get to know Eric and learn more about his trek.

You can find information on Eric and his quest at, read the latest news and discussions about his expeditions on Newsvine, engage with the community on Bing and even track his progress through Twitter.

We hope that like Eric, you are encouraged to learn, explore and follow your passion.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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