Forget the spread this weekend…Free T-Shirts

Last week we had you tune in to Jason Calacanisweb show TWIST to watch Stefan announce the Free T-shirt Friday theme. I was worried no one would catch his #FTF plug to win a free t-shirt or the copy of Brian Solis’s book “Putting the Public Back into Public Relations” but alas, there were a few of you loyal #FTF players that came through.

The winners for last week were @brmore and @jrameau. Please make sure you DM us @bing with your shirts size and mailing address.

This week we sit down with Stefan (finally sans apron) to discuss some of your questions from the forums and to share this week’s Free T-shirt Friday theme which may have something to do with a small sports event this weekend.

(Please visit the site to view this video)


Happy Friday!

Kristin Meldahl, Bing


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