Cooking up a storm with Bing Recipes

After watching Julie and Julia I think everyone might have a little bit of Julia Child inside of them somewhere (even Stefan…who would’ve thought he had an apron with his name on it).  So when you find yourself looking for that new recipe to whip up for dinner or your next cocktail party, Bing makes it easier by providing cooking recipes and details in our new detailed recipe results. 

Bing pulls from a number of popular recipe websites (,,, etc.) to bring you correlating recipes that you can sift through by holiday, meals, ratings, and my personal favorite, convenience (with a 10 month old at home, quick is key) and much more.


Stefan and I sat down the other day to dive in deep on how you can use this new feature and to figure out what he should make for dinner since the weather has been so nice:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Whether you’re planning dinner tonight or getting an early start on planning your Super Bowl menu, we hope our  new recipe feature comes in handy.

Kristin Meldahl  – Bing

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*In response to a few of your comments…if you are not seeing the recipe results, try adding the word “recipe” to the end of your search query.

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