Bing for mobile comes to the iPhone

Bing on your mobile phone just keeps getting better.  Today we are happy to announce the first official Bing App for iPhone and iPod touch.  You can now download the free Bing App from your phone in the App Store, from your computer at iTunes, or go to and we will redirect you to the app store. 

Let’s talk about some cool stuff you can do with the Bing App.  Our investments in voice search (you may have played with them on Windows phones or BlackBerry already) continues in our iPhone App and works great for map locations as well as old fashioned web search.  Just say “San Francisco weather,” for a quick result, or even say a full address for a map or directions.  Try something complex, like “1 Microsoft Way, Redmond 98052.” (Yes, I know how to get to work.) Hold the phone to your ear and speak, or press the mic button—simple. 

Speaking of directions (ha), looking for a coffee shop nearby? Bing automatically finds your location.  It’s also easy to discover a new spot by category such as restaurants, banks, theaters and choose whether you want walking or driving directions.

We’ve got smooth mapping action. Swipe through each step of the directions, and check out how fast the map pans and zooms.  (Techies take note: we use Seadragon technology for some of this.)  For times when you only have one hand free and can’t pinch, there is a handy zoom-out button.

The home screen shows the Bing image of the day, complete with clickable hotspots to discover related trivia. 

Want more images? Try image search with endless scrolling results (also works for any search result). Then easily flick through image previews and click through to the host site.

There are a bunch of other features we’d love to tell you about, like movies, news and flight status.  But rather than drone on about them, just download the app and give it a spin. 

Justin Jed – Bing for mobile

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  1. sunny-arora

    Yippiee! Bye bye google! Thanks a lot, team Bing!

  2. parsonsproject93

    Wow, the interface is simply fantastic.  One thing I had a problem with though was that, within the maps sector, loading the images was much slower than google maps, and from changing to hybrid map view, it crashed the app.  I also crashed the app by simply moving around.  It may work great on the 3GS, but it may need some more optimization with the iPhone 3G.  So far, it looks much better than google's offerings though, so great job.

  3. ChadT

    Iphone 3G, app simply crashes whenever I try and use the voice features.

  4. rami

    Very cool

  5. nanexcool

    I'm having the same problem as chadt on an iPhone 3GS… crashing when using voice features

  6. Gahgah


    why the hell aren't you able to deliver a worldwide Bing experience? I'm living in germany and at the moment Bing is just a skin for the old Live Search!!! I want to get the great experience in my language. When changing the locale to en-US i LOVE Bing. But the german "Beta" is so bad! Please make the real Bing available in germany and don't forget to localize the iPhone app. Microsoft is a global working company and should act like this!!!

  7. Salman

    I am having the same problem with voice search! I have iPhone 3gs and the app crashes when I use voice search..please look into it!

  8. neilksos

    I'm on the iPhone 2G and typed search doesn't work for anything…web, images or map. I just get a blank page and it says "We did not find any results for ". The map works perfectly just panning around but you cant search. and also why no Bird Eye? Thats the best thing about Bing Maps and what sets it apart from Google Maps and it's not included in this app.

  9. searchbeest

    Looks great, but as I other commenters have noted, trying to use voice search just crashes the app.

  10. Naanaa

    Just installed Bing on my 3GS.. it looks cool. It crashes whenever I try to use Voice search… Hope MS will fix it soon.

  11. ammaryameen

    Bing is doing extremely good job. I will go ahead and download this app.


  12. Bryan Krieger

    Excellent App.   No crashes on multiple voice search tests.  All tests produced exact matches.   Great interface.  A way to see the Bing image of the day!

  13. smikleson

    I don't understand why for the Windows Mobile new app you took the away the grid of options that would let us jump quickly to Movies, Gas Prices, and such… then for the iPhone app you suddenly realized how important a button grid is for usability. Bing used to be my movie/theater-finding app, but the new version on Windows Mobile sucks for that purpose.

    I'll stick with the old Live Search version as long as I can. Don't allow your iPhone presence o be better than your Windows Mobile presence.

  14. DarkTemplar

    Does anyone know how to save images to the iPhone inside the app?  I would love to be able to do this, but there doesn't seem to be a button for it.

  15. kmeldahl

    We are currently looking into the voice seach and 3G questions. We will follow up shortly.


  16. GeekGuy

    So why does iPhone get this app when Windows Mobile doesn't have something comparable? Hmm? Hypocritical much?

  17. bhenry

    How do you drop a pin in the app?  Description says you can but I cannot figure it out.  

  18. bouka55

    i'd love to try it out but when it comes to phones am in the slow lane; no smartphone yet for me!

  19. durayakar

    you need to have a feedback link on the app itself

  20. daily news

    Really cool stuff

  21. blackcastles

    It doesn't work on the first generation iPod Touch. Whenever I try to install it says that is not compatible because the app needs a microphone.

  22. alexb17

    Is there going to be a version of this app for iPod Touch? It would be really cool to have it.

  23. PWK

    How about a bing app for Android based phones… :)

  24. Anonymous

    Thank you for good information

  25. Dave532

    Looks a nice app. I hope you plan to release it in the UK. When I try to download the app from the UK store it says its not available in my country.

    It seems that MS has put together a talented team and is taking the competition seriously, so much so that one of the key people at Mozilla now uses bing.

  26. Michal Osmenda

    Dear Microsoft, please make the application available outside of the USA. There are people living outside of the USA using iPhones and Bing. In fact, EU market is now bigger and stronger and in better shape than the US one.

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