Mark your calendars…A Gold Rush is coming

I have never been one to wake up the morning after Thanksgiving to go and wait in a line at the mall for those crazy holiday shopping deals. As much as I have thought about it, the idea of sitting outside at 2AM in the freezing cold still trying to wake up from my Thanksgiving dinner food coma never really sounded that pleasing. Well things have certainly changed. Now I can take advantage of some great holiday savings right from the comfort of my very own home.

Starting on November 27, Bing cashback will be offering increased discounts at a select number of merchants.  There will be some pretty attractive savings at retailers like Macy’s, Home Depot, Dell, and many more.

So Friday morning after you have had your first of many leftover thanksgiving sandwiches, don’t worry about getting ready to go to the mall, just grab a laptop, a cup of coffee, your wallet, and a seat on your favorite couch and start your holiday shopping!

Make sure you are following the Bing cashback team on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest details.

Kristin Meldahl – The eager holiday shopper

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