MSN and Bing Getting Up Close and Personal with New Moon and Twilight

Holy Twilight-mania! I attempted to look for information on Twilight and there are, well, hundreds if not thousands of Twilight sites out there, I found myself buried in a torrent of Twilight hysteria. I mean, I have heard about this phe-nom but did not truly, culturally, philosophically understand it until today.  So in the midst of my Twilight research I found some pretty cool stuff that we’ve done across MSN and Bing that brings a ton of unique Twilight information together into one place. So here’s the scoop:

MSN Movies is sharing a very special – and exclusive – Twilight experience using Silverlight and Bing Maps to take fans on a Twilight video tour. The tour brings fans to Forks, Washington to see all the cool locations from Twilight and New Moon, such as the Cullen house, Fork’s Police Station, Fork’s Hospital, the book store, and the high school. Just scroll over the Bing Map for location-based navigation and check out all of the crazy information that pops up. 


In addition to the interactive map, check out some of MSN’s other exciting features including Bella’s birthday celebration, vampire makeover tips, interviews with the cast, and the transformation of the city of Forks, Washington has into a “Twihard” haven.


The Twilight connections are running deep over here, Bing also asked Twilight fans to submit questions  via Facebook that Ryan Seacrest could ask the cast on Monday at the premier of New Moon. Check the Bing Facebook site for updates on Tuesday for answers to the questions that were submitted. If you missed your chance to get your question asked there is still time, just tweet @MSN_Entertain with your questions and get the chance to win a signed Twilight poster!

Now that I am a legit Twilight fan I am going to be checking out the Twilight Superfans page, hope you do too.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing


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