Bing maps is Looking Good

Today you may have noticed there are a few updates to Bing Maps. We have highlighted just a few below. For the complete details on all the updates to Bing maps, check out Chris Pendleton’s post on the Bing maps blog.

Draggable Routes:

You are now able to generate a route, and change it, simply by grabbing and dragging it to where you want the route to go. To use draggable routes, click the directions link in the welcome pane or the car icon near the bottom of the welcome pane. Enter a start and end, generate a route, then grab anywhere on the route to move the route line. The route will regenerate for you.

New Navigation:

There is now a subset of features on the button bar along the bottom of the welcome pane.

  •  “Welcome” loads the welcome pane
  •  “Car” loads driving directions
  •  “Star” loads My Places, formerly called Collections
  •  “Envelop” loads the ability to share the map with someone via email, copy a URI or embed the map into a web page
  •  “Printer” is for printing
  •  “Traffic light” will load the traffic overlay


Don’t forget to keep checking back here for more updates that are coming to Bing this week.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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