Everyone Could Use Some Extra Cash and A Free Trip!

As my suntan fades more and more each day and as people’s Facebook status updates are saying that they are heading to Hawaii…Mexico…and I sit here in this dreary weather pondering when I might see the sun again…I have a new found hope!

Today I heard in the hallways that there is an exciting contest that is going to be announced next week that includes; Free CASH, a trip to a very sunny destination, a movie star like makeover,  as well as some face time with “The Face of Entertainment” himself…Wahoo!…There is a light and I can’t wait!  Can’t give away too many details but I can say it is worth checking back next week to find out more! Make sure you follow Bing cashback on Twitter and Facebook for the latest.

Here’s to looking forward to some rays, cool hard cash, a fabulous makeover and some one on one time with one of your TV idols.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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