Bing Does Hollywood in 140 Characters.

clip_image001San Francisco last week, LA next.  Bing is headed to sunny So Cal for some flash & glam at Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference at the famed Kodak Theatre. 

This conference has its own twist on the regular business conference about twitter  – each speaker is expected to be a character with their own story, and even the panels are really a conversation of melding and competing stories.  The first 140 Characters conference explored “the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising and (maybe) Politics.” Over time the scope expanded to include Sports, Music, The Arts, Sciences and with this one, will have an entertainment focus (after all they are in Los Angeles).

Speakers at this event are a mix of tech personalities, business wonks, and pure celebrity. Along with Robert Scoble, Loic Le Meur, Dave Winer,  Icanhazcheeseburger you’ve got executives from Virgin America, venture capital firms, non-profits, an ENTIRE panel about poker, and  media folks like Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park speaking alone or in panels for no longer than 20 minutes. 

Our own Betsy Aoki (@baoki) is one of the special “characters” at this event – she’ll be telling the backstage view of Bing’s launch earlier this year on twitter, with a lot of sleep deprivation thrown in.  Catch her talk on Day 2 (Wed 10/28) at 1:30pm!

If you’re attending, be sure to stop by the Bing Internet Lounge where attendees can indulge in social media in a tranquil setting (aka nice couches).  From the said spot, do feel free to proclaim your love for Bing in 140 characters or less.  No, really, it’s okay.

Aya Zook, Product Manager

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