Bring a little Bing to your Windows 7 desktop

Congratulations go out to the Windows 7 team on today’s launch – it’s a great product!

And to show our support for Windows 7, I’m excited to announce our first ever downloadable wallpaper theme for Windows 7 – Bing’s Best. A lot of people ask us for desktop versions of our images. And now you (and your friends, and your family, and your casual acquaintances) can get them!

The homepage team selected the top images from June, July, and August, and then worked with the Windows 7 personalization team to create a theme pack featuring these 20 gorgeous wallpapers:


The theme is now available via the Windows Personalization Gallery.

You can also get Bing right in your Windows 7 Windows Explorer. See how to integrate Bing into Windows 7 in three minutes or less to find out how!


Stephanie Horstmanshof

Editorial lead

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