Free T-Shirt Friday Round Two Winners

It’s time to announce the Free T-Shirt Friday Winners from last week’s challenge.  I was a little busy yesterday watching a rocket get launched into space so I’m writing this post from an airplane somewhere over Oregon.  Will there be a #FTF this week?  No, nor will there be a Friday with Stefan but we’ll return next week when my schedule doesn’t appear to be so wacky.

A reminder of last week’s challenge: Rain.  Yes, I am really pulling out the creative stops on these themes, I know.  Here are the winners:

justag33k @bing #FTF My favorite thing to see during a rainstorm #bing baby! [Stefan Comment]: spider webs are always cool

talverion @bing I love listening to the rain and seeing images or videos of storms/lightning. #FTF [Stefan Comment]: good use of video

priesmeyer #FTF Rain — #bing [Stefan Comment]: Whenever you can get Prince in a query, you win.

spiralstairs @bing “macro rain droplets on nature” – Bing Images: #FTF [Stefan comment]: It’s just so pretty.

GrumpyTech @bing I’ve always thought that virga, rain that evaporates before reaching the ground, was very cool:  #FTF [Stefan comment]: Science always for the win.

If you didn’t win this week – prepare for next week when we return in full force!

Stefan, Frequent Flyer

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