Introducing the Bing Reference Homepage

Have you ever wanted to delve deeper into the Bing homepage, and learn even more about the daily image? The recently launched Reference homepage is a great place to start.


From the Bing homepage, click “more,”then click “Reference,” to be taken to Bing Reference’s very own homepage. Or you can always access Reference directly by going to Bing Reference is a product of the Powerset team at Bing.  From the new Reference homepage you can begin your research on interesting topics of the day, and see examples of reference queries that illustrate the natural-language capabilities of our semantic technology.


The new homepage is just one of many exciting changes we’ve made to Bing Reference. Be sure to check out and learn more with Bing Reference on the Powerset blog for more information.

Katie Conry – Program Manager, Powerset Division of Bing

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