The Winners of Free T-shirt Friday and Some Clarification

So the first Free T-shirt Friday (#FTF) was a moderate success.  Why moderate, you ask?  Apparently we didn’t really spell out the ‘how you enter’ very well. 

A couple of notes for this week:

1) Giving me a query phrase like “Halloween” doesn’t really count.  Giving me a query phrase as part of a query (like this) that you’ve checked out and like the results (image, video, core web, etc) – this is good.

2) Make sure you hashtag it with #FTF – I saw a few that weren’t and I’m not good enough with the Twitter to grep thru all the tweets to find the best queries.

All that said, since my rules were so opaque, we’ll still give out the Bing stuff to the following people:

· My favorite: jillkocher @bing #FTF [raking orange fall leaves] – Bing Images TGIF

· dzandman @bing “Falling” in love, of course!  #ftf

· BingFan @bing #FTF Halloween Candy

· Zeppyster @bing candle making basics ( #FTF

· wiiteacher @bing FTF fall pagan festival –halloween

· meerkat1o1 @bing #FTF college football

· Talverion @bing autumnal color change #FTF

· tannawings @bing #FTF Harvesting and preserving garden vegetables , preparing garden for winter

Congrats to all the winners – we’ll DM you to get your deets.  Keep on Bing-ing on.


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