Bing-sights With Stefan and Free T-Shirt Friday (#FTF)

Do you find yourself laying awake at night pondering how Bing is able to pull in so much information in it’s search result…or maybe as you drift off to sleep you envision Bing images scrolling infinitely or maybe you just in the need for more Bing information? Well, among the Seattle traffic and crisp autumn air we are having Stefan answer your questions and bring you some Bing Insight each Friday based on the questions and feedback we see in the Bing CommunityFacebook and Twitter.  He will also be announcing the Free T-Shirt Friday question of the day, so make sure you stay tuned and follow us on twitter (#FTF) for your chance at some sweet Bing attire.

Episode #1:

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Hope to see your #FTF on twitter!

Stefan – Bing, Director

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  1. Alsace Web Agency

    we want t-shirt too!

  2. marshal.m1

    Added bing search to my site I find it a nice addition

  3. marshal.m1

    Must Add another comment I think at 73 years old I may be one of your oldest fans and in 1954 I graduated from Detroit Country Day School long after Mr Ballmer graduated from the same high school   therefore this might warrant an XL Tee Shirt !

  4. Embedded Flash Player

    I want it.

  5. zhangzhao

    I also want it as a gift to my GF.

  6. zhangzhao

    I also want it, thanks!

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