Deep Links Makes Life As A New Mom Easier

I am a new mom and the other day I was searching for diapers (I think I am buying new diapers every week), so I went to Bing and typed in diapers to see what came up. The first search result was for (which I love!) and the best part were these links that took me deeper into the content on So instead of having to click on the search result, look through the page and find the link to diapers it was just one simple click, straight from the search results page.

To find out more about these very helpful links, I talked to the team that manages this feature and found out that these “Deep Links” usually get displayed in the Best Match result. I learned that customer research suggests the number one thing people are looking for in a search engine is the quickest way to find what they are looking for. Deep Links are designed to do exactly that and help simplify searches by taking you one step closer to your final destination — in my case, diapers.

How does it work?

Basically, there is a bunch of crazy math and science that enables the team to determine the most popular actions taken on various websites. These Deep Links are then bubbled up to under the search result to help you get to what you are looking for faster.

Found Diapers…now what about flights?

We just got back from our first plane trip with the baby (yay, no melt downs!) and Deep Links really came in handy here as well. When checking in for our flight I was able to search for Alaskan Airlines and right within the result, I was able to check in and get flight status (to make sure we were not at the airport too early with a hungry baby). Love it! With the limited time on my hands and usually only one hand to find what I am looking for this could not be any easier.


Apparently I am not the only one that sees the benefits of Deep Links; second to the traditional search results, it’s the most popular feature on the Bing. Bing is constantly working on improving the coverage and the quality of their links and as a new mom I am super excited to see how Bing can help simplify searching and make my life easier!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing Senior Product Manager / New Mom

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