Taking it to the field

Fall is in the air and that means crisp mornings, school buses on the road, Holiday decorations at the mall and yes, more NFL games then you can imagine! Yesterday the announcement of the Bing partnership with the Seattle Seahawks went out and we could not be more excited. Bing is going to be on the practice field (check out the practice jerseys for this year) and if you go to a game at Seahawk stadium expect to see Bing in a few places there too.

In honor of our partnership with the Seahawks, we wanted to remind you of our NFL instant answer which includes NFL stats, game scores, schedules and player information. You can also search on players, looks like Matt and the Hawks are off to a great start with a shutout last week…sweet! And if you want to take your player knowledge up another notch, check out the Bing Visual search gallery for NFL players…amazing!


Good luck in all your fantasy football leagues and neighborhood game pools! We’ll be seeing you on the playing field (I mean you will be seeing us).

Kristin – Bing

*As mentioned above, Visual Search is still in beta. Visual Search is currently only available in the US and as we refine this feature we will continue to look for new markets to release it in.

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