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We at the Bing team are firm believers in the idea that the only thing better than searching with Bing is sharing what you’ve found with your friends.  That’s why we’ve been working on a potential new feature for Bing that does just that in a couple of clicks, which we call Bing & Ping.

Let’s break this down with an example: say you use Bing’s Instant Answers feature to check the score of the game, and you notice that your buddy’s favorite team has just been beaten pretty handily.  Say you want to “delicately” remind him of their less-than-stellar moves with the ball. Bing & Ping lets you share this NFL instant answer through various places, like Facebook, Twitter, or even email in as few as two clicks.  Reminding someone that their team has no defense has never been easier (in spite of the screenshot below, we of course aren’t talking about our beloved Seahawks). 

It’s not just limited to sports, either.  Share a neighborhood plumber recommendation with a friend though email, tweet local movie times, or post a flight status with your Facebook pals while you’re trying to bum a ride from the airport.

If you’re interested in previewing this feature, be sure to become a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll be sending a special invitation to our fans to preview Bing and Ping. Check it out and let us know what you think, if you like it and how we can make it better.

Nicholas Kerr – Bing

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  1. Anonymous

    Facebook and Twitter? What about Windows Live?

  2. Anonymous

    Seems a fair point from Jamie…  What about sending an IM? Or using Windows Live "Shared Favourites", or updating my WLM status?  I think it's great that you're embracing all the other web services out there, but how can MS expect other web sites/businesses to embrace their online services when MS's own properties often don't…  Be great to see a little more integration.

  3. wayne-interessierts

    I am little bit agree with ali. Where is the benefit for me? Yes, I know how I can handle this, it's easy, install the new AIM Messenger… o_O . The other thing I could use is a vista sidebar gadget. 😐

    No sorry without any interaction with other MS apps or services it's pointless for me.

  4. FremyCompany

    Good thought, but I wonder if it will be used.

    Firstly, you should change your icons for Email and Copy to use 'WinLive icons' aka 'Standards' Windows Icons. Users love feeling in known land. Using standards icons may help.

    +1 for the request for MSN/WinLive. We could update our status or post it to our blog. But so many options can confuse the user. What about a 'Share' button like many other sitse have ?

    BTW, it would be very great to have a Bing SearchWiki like Google and a better way to use the Share/Save/Copy our search result function (currently, it's very complex to use it because we need to remember which link to click and we have to stop our search). Beeing able to 'Mark sites' and beeing able to see those later is very great. Having a list of sites we visited through Bing (and using which keywords) should be great, too. In addition, you could use that to see which sites you should promote in your results (as I'm a developper, I have a preference for informatic sites).

  5. FremyCompany

    BTW, Sharing news is very common, too. And I see no way to do it using Bing. Or is there a way ?

  6. Anonymous

    That's pretty handy.

  7. webguy

    It is a beautiful thing.  

  8. Anonymous

    I agree completely with Jamie and Ali, never mind Facebook and Twitter, we want this for Windows Live!

  9. technogran

    I totally agree with Jamie and Ali, we need this for Windows Live, not Twitter and Facebook!

  10. guilhermeacf

    Hi, I am happy to know about this! I wrote to the bing forum about this Idea a month ago or so. I still think that the feature can be more than this!

    For each link on bing you can get more info whitout clicking to go to that page, it would be interesting to have an option to share there, at that pre-view menu! sharing in twitter, for instance.

    Also, bing translation, and Bing videos could have also offer url crunched to share on twitter twitter.

  11. Anonymous

    I think this is a pretty good idea, I'll use it a lot.

    Just a comment @Jamie Thomson and @ali: What I find interesting by hearing new sttuff on MS is that people say "Oh, why doesn't it to this or that" but when the new feature comes from other companies they say "that's great new feature". So I would like to know why everyone is so against Microsoft?

  12. giju

    this looks interesting…waiting to check this out.

  13. Anonymous

    I can tell that we could use this for Twitter and Facebook, but this could be even added as a toolbar functionality within the IE's Windows Live toolbar.

    But don't scrap Twitter and Facebook…

  14. kmeldahl

    All of this is great feedback! I will pass along to the team. Thank you!

  15. Anonymous

    i love this web

  16. Anonymous

    I implemented something similar on my social bookmarking site using a twitter search.  People can search for tweets then instantly share them.  I think this works well with twitter since you're seeing the entire item you're sharing.  With a web search, you don't know what you're sharing until you see it, and to see it you need to go to the page, so I don't know how practical it is to have it on the search result itself.

  17. webg

    That's a good point, Microsoft knows how to get some more traffic :)

  18. Anonymous

    How adding shopping list that i share with windows live messager contacts.

    And up comeing birth and holidays and events i sould bee on cashback sugestion.

  19. Anonymous

    Good move, bing. This can be useful.

    a. If you are planning a trip or a visit to a restaurant with a bunch of friends/family members, and decide to search for options, then you could post all your search results in one shot to that group, without leaving the search page. Then the members of the group could comment (indicating their choices) on your facebook feed.

    b. Ego-surfing/searching (Search for your own name) – If you want to boast about the result to your family and friends :-)

    c. Let's say you had an argument about something – there  recently was, among a few friends – As to whether "Mystery Spot" is a scam/con, or a real mystery. Then you go and search for let's say "Mystery spot explanation"; Share the search results, and your friends will all learn about it in a couple of clicks.

    And so on…

  20. Anonymous

    I wonder how the data will display on facebook and twitter.

  21. Anonymous

    lemme get this straight bing willget me to ping to present bings bling to ping so ping can show bings bling to ping to show to hop sing who has no bling…..

  22. Anonymous

    Wait a minute…

    If you say Bing and Ping is to share on TWITTER and FB, then WHY must we follow on FB to GET THE NEWS of when we can use the feature, BUT not on TWITTER also?

    Not all of us use FB, you know.  Also, not all Twitter fans are Facebook fans.  Each serves it's own purpose, and you guys should really TWEET the links when you got it up and running, and stop stalling by trying to stall with posts about "Look for it on FB."

    Just make the feature available at BING.COM, liuke GOOGLE HAS IT's FEATURES.  That's just common design sense.

    Your Welcome.


  23. Anonymous


    Every result from bing, we'll be able to somehow Tweet or FB a auto-headline w/ link, or Just Atlanta Falcons games and Fantasy Football Scores?  I mean, WTH.

    It better be a feature at the bottom of all results if you want to be steps ahead of Google.

    And please also, make your features easy to find, and not all hidden in URLS we have to find through searches in the first place.


  24. Anonymous

    @Anderson Lopes – I do think it's a great idea, I really do.  I just think it's a shame, sometimes, that Microsoft doesn't embrace its own social network as much as some of its users do…  I love Windows Live's services – as a package, they allow me to share and communicate in a way that's superior to Facebook in many ways.  But sometimes it feels as if MS doesn't back it enough…

    For example…  The MSN properties feature NO LINK to – they simply link to either Hotmail or Messenger.  Bing, too, featured a useful link to Windows Live on its top toolbar.  That's gone too.  Just a Hotmail link remains…  Why?

    If I were MS, I'd be featuring my social network a great deal more…  Link to it, promote it, feature the "What's New Feed" on MSN..  Allow "Share on Windows Live" on Bing.

    Somtimes it feels like Windows Live's online services mostly revolve around promoting Hotmail and gaining revenue off of the adverts, rather than promoting, what has become, a brilliant social networking service.

    So whilst I think Bing and Ping is a fantastic idea, I just wish that the team would "Eat its own dogfood" a little more sometimes :).

  25. wayne-interessierts

    @Anderson Lopes, nobody here is against MS, but:

    a)Mircosoft have a lot of own services, Messenger, space drive, live profile, whatever, it's a little bit surprising that MS first support products from other companies.

    b)This feature is nice, yes… but, errrmmmm, sorry for this MS, but are there no more important things?

  26. Anonymous

    Great features, Google will be jealous of this addon. I tried with my blog but I did not see these?

  27. Anonymous

    Two words. Bad idea. Including "sharing" links as part of every search result increases page load times and shows useless words distracting user attention diverting the concentration from the search session. The chances of you wanting to email a particular search result to your friends – one in four thousand. I am definitely not going to like this.

  28. Anonymous

    I just had the revelating idea that you could provide a checkbox BEFORE searching – I am planning to use sharing features in this search session – so if you KNOW you are going to search for flight schedule or sports scores and you anticipate sharing, then by all means add to extra page load time and bytes in the bandwidth pipe sending links to share on fb, twitter, etc. When you think of it, having another checkbox that says 'I might be needing to use bookmarking functionality int his search session' may allow the system to display bookmark/read it later links as part of every search result.

  29. jkavanagh58

    Yeah to Jamie's point, the personalized live seems to be a forgotten system.  I find it to be better than Google reader but no one knows about it and it seems to have been ignored in recent Live Wave revisions.  

  30. nexcheck

    Its' quite handy and innovative feature I'd say.

  31. technogran

    No one is saying don't have it for Facebook and Twitter, but surely include your own Social Networking site in there as well!

  32. miguel.rincon86

    So are we sharing merely the link for the search or the actual search results? The results change with time… the score will not always be the same! You maybe embarrassed when your team loses some weeks later haha.


    SEO in China  –

  33. Anonymous

    This feature is a good idea that is obvious. The main point here is that, why Microsoft is not using its own services on its own products? Each MS service has wide-range of API and good programming interface. As a team in Microsoft you might have think of using your own interfaces instead of others. If you are not adding support to your own services, how would you expect other developers to do it?

  34. Anonymous

    No sharing with Messenger!!!???

  35. Anonymous

    Not to throw a wet blanket on anybody's pet project, but Bing has given me the same search results as Google for four randomly chosen words; audacity, linux, meridian, and republic.  Guess I was expecting more, but the tag line, "We respond, you decide" was so much like Fox News that it warranted a semi-serious look.  Yes, other nifty gadgets are provided, just trying to imagine why so many people want to be retrained to use stuff that produces the same results as products that are currently available.  Then I realized the golden truth – it must be that good old Microsoft Marketing!  Don't take this wrong, I do like Microsoft, it just seems Bing is a rehash of existing search engines with new colors and another toy or three.

  36. Anonymous

    What a great idea.  This should give Google something to worry about!  

  37. Anonymous

    Good one…

    In India one can make a nice ad campaign based on this feature

    "thoda aur Ping Karo, Bing Karo" :)

  38. Anonymous

    I think this is a great idea.

    However some people may not like/want this feature. This feature should load by default, however, you should allow it to be collapasable (hide/unhide) if the user so chooses, until a new browser is open perhaps. When hidden, something descriptive should be in it's place, like "Share with friends"

    An option should be provided to remember his settings.

    Once again, great feature, but PLEASE provide users with this choice, least it turns off some users




  39. Anonymous

    bing shows lots of results for my site but does not show sitelinks as a result traffic from bing is low

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