Who in the world will be crowned Miss Universe?

This weekend is the 58th Annual Miss Universe Pageant where contestants from around the world will be walking the walk and talking the talk to see who will be crowned Miss Universe 2009; and we want to make sure you are part of the excitement.

We’re always looking for interesting events or activities that we can integrate into Bing to make the information you’re looking for more easily accessible in the form of an instant answer. Simply type in “Miss Universe” for the pageant instant answer and get quick access to information about the event, including when and where to watch the show. We also feature direct links into information about the contestants, videos and photos from the pageant and ticket information for the lucky ones making the trip to the tropics. One of our favorite links is to “Choose the Crown” where you can vote for the best crown and enter into a sweepstakes to meet Miss Universe 2009 in NY.




Are you a pageant watcher? If so, we hope this is a good one for you. And for those that can’t make it to the Bahamas to see it first hand, check out Bing after the show airs to see who was crowned Miss Universe 2009.

As always, keep the feedback coming and let us know what you’d like to see an instant answer for.

Theo Vachovsky, Product Manager, Bing

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