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One part of Bing shopping that customers find very useful are all of the product reviews we’ve gathered. There are over 3 million reviews from all over the web from people just like you that we combine and provide in one place. We hope this makes finding the product that suits you best much faster and easier. And how could that many personal opinions (and growing) be wrong?

The best thing about Bing shopping’s user reviews are how they are categorized. We do what we call “opinion indexing” which is a fancy term for “extracting opinions” which is a fancy term for, well, finding exactly what you want to know about product by using some computer science to find and present expert reviews to you at the precise time you are trying to make a purchase decision.

Bringing the unique product features details and the details on how users have then rated or ranked what they like or dislike (sometimes down to the individual product feature level), allows you to really get a sense for the product before you make a buying decision. For example, if I need a super-simple, easy-to-use MP3 player for my daily workout, I can sort by “ease of use” and see exactly what MP3 player other people say is easy to use. The Creative Nomad MuVo NX digital player ranks as the easiest to use MP3 player and gets a 100% rating on ease of use.

Check out these user reviews on this MP3 Player:

Ease of use 

What if I want to know what television has been rated to have the best picture quality? I could check this out on Bing shopping here and find out that the Sony KDL-52W4100 – 52″ LCD TV ranks the best and gets a 100% positive rating on picture quality.


How about video games? Want to find out what people are saying about Guitar Hero III?  You can easily find out that people find Guitar Hero’s entertainment value as their favorite feature and that game control is their least popular feature. Not only that, I can read exactly what they wrote and find out that it has “lots of cool riffs” but that the “finger span is a little hard.”

As you can see, we’ve made shopping a whole lot easier by bringing all of the product reviews to you.

Give Bing shopping a try now!

Bridget Tate – Bing Shopping

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  1. Quality Directory

    I always like to get some reviews from users of products before buying them online.

  2. Anonymous

    Bing Shopping is nice! It's a pretty convenient place to buy products.

    However, I'd like to suggest some things:

    1) I wish Windows Live users could submit their own reviews of the product – It's nice to see other reviews from 3rd party sites of course, but I'd also like to put some input directly on Bing, and share my opinion with other shoppers browsing the product. It would also be a nice option to do a review based on filling a form for the "popular features" categories, so I can give more exact input on every part of the experience if I wish to.

    2) Ability for users to rank reviews with a thumbs up or a thumbs down – Some reviews can be very excellent, and other extremely awful. I'd like the power to rank user reviews with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and that would help sort out the quality type of reviews from the most cruddiest.

    3) Bing team to scour the web for more expert reviews – I'm sure someone on the Bing team, or perhaps a user, can scour the web for actual expert reviews, and submit them to Bing Shopping for a certain product. I find very few expert reviews available on some products, and there are obviously many top sites that dabble in certain types of products who would probably already have an expert reviews of it.

    4) More product details – Some product details are very skimp. For instance, on a Sears Energy elite dishwasher, there's only 2 details. Not to mention zero reviews and zero expert reviews…

    5) Links to official website on the product – It would help greatly to have a link to the direct official website of the product, for closer examination of what the company offers.

    6) Forums – It'd be nice to have a forum where users can post questions, news, and other information they have or seek for.

    If Bing could improve on these experiences, that would be really great, and really contribute to making Bing Shopping a great site to check for deals and information on products.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi quikboy – thank you for the thoughtful post and useful feedback. It's great to see that you are enjoying the convenience that Bing shopping provides in finding great products. Also, these are great suggestions for future improvements to the Bing shopping site, some of which we are currently working on so check back often to see what we are up to!

  4. bright

    Hi Quickboy,

    Nicely done listing I must say. Hope to see some of your suggestions getting implemented…

  5. Anonymous

    This can help us get the right brand and model of what we're looking for.

  6. Anonymous

    Bing is doing such a good job on this.

  7. Anonymous

    Support Bing!!

  8. miles2go

    Its great idea help both the customer and product company.

  9. Anonymous

    I love bing shopping!

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