Bing Across America

Somehow the Bing team ended up spread practically equidistant across the country tonight, so we thought we should warn all of you.  First, here at home, Bing is sponsoring an epic Ping Pong tourney at the sold-out Tech Flash event where VCs, startups, journalists and people who like BBQ will all congregate and be merry.  The Bing team (Stefan and Aya) will live broadcast from the event starting at 5pm Pacific (if only for a few minutes) and their better halves (Melissa and Kristin) will be slinging demos at the demo booth.

Second, Betsy is out in Chicago at BlogHer.  There are no events tonight, but I’m guessing she’ll be in the Sheraton’s bar with someone from TechSmith.  Check @baoki on the Twitter to see where she’s at and buy her lots of tonic water. 

Last, on the east coast, Pedro and Theo are in the “ATL” spreading the Bing word to MS employees who are gathered from across the world.  They are at the Hard Rock Café, but it isn’t open to the public, so we’ll have them send out a few tweets when that gig gets going.

There – now you know where we’ll be and thus where to stalk/avoid.  We’ll be twittering from @bing throughout the evening so stay tuned for more starting this afternoon pacific time.

Bing on!


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