Bing at Month One

After just over one month in market, we wanted to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for all your feedback and support of Bing and provide an update on our early results. We’ve been really pleased to hear so much positive feedback, and we appreciate all you who’ve taken the time to pass along your ideas on how we can continue to improve.


So how are we doing?


When evaluating progress, we measure ourselves on how we are helping each of our key audiences – consumers, advertisers, webmasters and developers. Below we’ll provide some details on progress we’ve made and important milestones with each group.




We’re gratified to report that there has been some great interest in trying out Bing and that those experiences are yielding positive results!   We saw 8 percent growth in unique users to in June, which is an important indicator that you are trying Bing and the word is spreading. Based on our own polling, we have also seen the number of people “likely to recommend” Bing double in our debut month. This is an important metric to us because we think it speaks to Bing’s ability to meet your needs, be they for general purpose searching or for searches to help you make smarter decisions in one or more of our four focus areas of shopping, travel, health and local.



On Bing Shopping, we’ve seen a nearly a 3x increase in site visits and a 5.42% increase in transactions to Bing cashback. Summer is typically not high season for online shopping, so this has been really nice to see. We hope you’re finding some great deals. If you missed it, here’s another recent post on how to take advantage of Bing cashback.



Traffic to Bing Travel has increased by 90% month over month since launch, highlighting a strong reception to some of the great features designed to help travelers make smarter, more informed decisions on their airfare and hotel purchases. More information on how to use Bing Travel to find great travel deals can be found here.



We have really enjoyed the interaction we’ve had with you here on the Bing Community Site, as well as over on our Bing Facebook page and Bing Twitter feed. It’s been fun and informative, and we look forward to the ongoing dialogue. We also have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for Bing cashback clip_image001/clip_image002 and Bing Travel clip_image001[1]/clip_image002[1], if you’re interested in getting regular updates specific to shopping and/or travel. And don’t forget the Facebook Photo Contest we’re running to get your photo onto!



Lastly, stay tuned for a new set of Bing ads on TV in the coming weeks, where we start providing some detail on lots of the cool features that can help you Bing & decide!




On the advertiser front, we’ve been hearing from many of our search advertisers about early results they are seeing on Bing. Here are a few examples.

  • Since the launch of Bing, TigerDirect has seen sales and order volume triple, and seen both conversion rate and average order size increase significantly. Based on this early success, TigerDirect has increased its search marketing spend with Bing by twofold.
  • One IT provider has reported 36% higher click volume, 43% lower cost-per-click and 400% higher click-through rates in June.
  • A large wireless communications company’s campaigns have received 28% more clicks since Bing launched than in previous weeks.
  • One PC manufacturer’s impressions have increased 46% since Bing launched.


If you’re an advertiser and want to learn more about advertising on Bing, check us out here.


Webmaster and Developer


At the end of June, we unveiled the Bing Toolbox, an organized set of tools and resources specifically for webmasters and developers. It’s a one stop shop to help you take best advantage of Bing.


One great indicator of interest from this community is the number of developers who’ve signed up to use the Bing API. That number has doubled since we launched to more than 11,000. These developers recognize the power of the Bing API with its flexibility in rendering, ease of re-ranking results and most importantly – its free and unmetered use. Those developers are also writing more apps with Bing – the incoming requests to our API have shot up more than 50% since launch. Here’s a recent post about one cool app built on the Bing API by CareerBuilder.


We also launched the Will Code for Green contest to encourage people to use the Bing API to build interesting applications that help people deal with the worsening global economy or improve the ecology of the planet Earth. We’re still accepting submissions through August 12.


If you’re a webmaster, check out our Webmaster blog and forums. If you’re a developer, check out our Developer blog and forums.


So What’s Next?

It’s been a busy month, but we’re just getting started! There is so much opportunity and work to be done to improve today’s search and push beyond into new areas, such as our focus on searches that lead to decision making.  We have a long term view, and we are committed to steady progress over the years to come.  Thanks for giving Bing a try, and we look forward to your continued feedback as we improve.



Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President, Online Audience Business Group

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  1. Anonymous

    It's  nice that Bing is doing better and gaining readership. In the media, Bing has gotten mixed reviews; little wonder, since it does not appear to be doing things as well as its competitors in terms of search relevancy.

    Recently,David Pogue of the NY Times wrote a piece entitled, "Bing, the Imitator, Often Goes Google One Better." (July 8).  Pogue was very generous in his praise and criticism of Bing, pointing out where Bing did better than Google, and where it failed. But he missed the mark on retrieval speed, indexing speed and completely, relevancy issues and accuracy of map data (businesses not being put on maps, put in wrong place, etc.) issues.  The best evidence of his misses was by the 291 comments to his article,…/09pogue.html

    which gave commentators space to vent their search frustrations.  A careful reading of these comments would do well to help improve Bing.  Does Bing run on Hadoop?

  2. Anonymous

    Those are nice stats and were expected due to the popularity of bing.

    Every launch has big effect, but the success is measured if the effect continues.. and we hope it will.

    Though i am dissatisfied with the indexing of my few sites on bing.. does it take toooooo long?


  3. Anonymous

    I am very happy with Bing!

    Keep it up guys. So long Google

  4. Anonymous

    I'm not sure, bing is location aware, this would add so much to the searches.

  5. Anonymous

    One thing you guys need improvement on is blog searching. I'll often search for an old blog post on my blog, doing the following search: 10 religious types

    Rather than finding the correct post entitled "10 religious types to watch out for", it instead finds a blog archive page containing all the posts for a particular month.

    Contrast this with Google, where performing the same search yields the post in the first result.

    I've noticed this with other sites as well.

    In fairness, is a Google-owned service; it makes sense that Google would properly index their own service, but still, I think Bing can do a better job than it currently is.

  6. Anonymous

    Nice work so far. I'm expecting a lot from you guys.

    We will see in time who will be the winner!

  7. Bing Team

    @seogal – thanks for your comments and feedback. To answer your question, Bing uses Powerset’s semantic technology based on Hadoop to provide a unique experience for a large number of reference queries.

  8. Anonymous

    I like bing's feed searching features better than google's but one I really need – the hasfeed: operator doesn't seem to work. It returns pages regardless of whether or not there's an attached feed. What am I doing wrong?

    Example of my query –

    lecture hasfeed:

  9. Anonymous

    I've noticed a direct connection between the blogs that Microsoft PR worked with before the Launch that are now running Bing advertising.

    I'm a Microsoft Partner and blogged about .Net development for over five years, but Google loves me and MSN/Live/Bing don't know I exist.  

    I did a video of Scott Guthrie at MIX09 see if you can find it.

  10. Anonymous

    Hi! from Barcelona, happy to read the good news, but just wanted to push you a bit … don't forget the EU! using the US version of Bing is quite an amazing experience, but European versions of it are a mere 10% of that experience

  11. Anonymous

    I wanted to use and love bing but unfortunately the image results are just so terrible that I've switched back to Google. I still encourage people to try bing out, though.

  12. Anonymous

    I have to disagree with thetakingback. I find both the layout & search results in Bing images far superior to Google. I'm pulling for Bing to challenge G in a big way – please don't let me down.

  13. Anonymous

    Really excited with an alternative to G. Looking forward to see improvements in localized search, especially with regards to Denmark. Keep up the good work guys, and thanx for a great search engine.

  14. Anonymous

    I agree. You should improve the search on blogs. I still have problems looking for stuff on my blog or on my friends' blogs.

  15. Anonymous

    If possible (is it possible?), bing should aim toward "purity" in search results. Monetization leads to inefficiency for the user.

    For example, if I search for, say, "watermelons", who's to say the first 20 results should be for "watermelons for sale" or "books on watermelons" (the books also for sale), clicking on any of which of these 20 results yields a cash flow to the search engine. Perhaps, I'm looking for information on, simply, "watermelons" (the ones that are green on the outside and sliced open to reveal a tasty pink inside with black seeds).

    An encyclopedia entry for "watermelons" has a hard time Optimizing its itself for Search Engines. I hope for Bing's cooperation.

  16. dingdahao


  17. Quality Directory

    I no more try Bing, but use it on daily basis. I was aware of it through my regular visits to MSDN Webmaster Blog. And then the redirection to this place started. I tried it and initially didn't like it so much. But the search results kept improving. Now Bing sends me more than 50% of my total traffic. That's great, indeed.

    I've been a part of this community from day one, and I'm staying, seeing the buzz in Webmaster forums and my log stats. I was even glad to link to Bing in my directory.

  18. Anonymous

    One thing I have noticed is that if a particular website is entered as in "" very often Bing comes up with a bunch of random sites rather than presenting "" as 1st option which google and yahoo both do. "" doesn't even come up as an option. Strange.

    Also sometimes, Bing takes you to a particular page in a website rather than the home page even if you didn't search for anything within a particular page but rather was just looking for home page.

    Bing Travel is great but have to say that best feature is the related searches tab on the left. Saves so much time. For example, I usually read through a few media/aggregator sites everyday and with bing it's so easy to get to because they are all there after my first search!

  19. SEOgal

    Thanks for the feedback Bing.  I've been tinkering with my clients' websites, and some are finally getting some traction from Bing.  It's been a long time waiting for this, but hopefully it will improve.

    BTW, does Microsoft build its own servers or does it use commercial servers in its datacenters?  I think MS should start building ultrafast streamlined servers with power back up built-in to minimize down-time and increase speed.  People hate to wait for results.

  20. Anonymous

    I am very happy with bing, at first i was secpitcle, but I think its really taken off. Hell, I never thought i'd say this but…. I love bing!

    My traffic has also increased when comapred to the ammount I recieved from live in the past.

    Keep it coming!

  21. Anonymous

    Bing is a wonderful search engine. I have been using it since it came out. But recently I have been facing a small but annoying problem. When I visit, the insertion pointer appears on the search box. After a couple of seconds, the insertion pointer moves away from the search box. So I have to use the mouse to type again. This only happens with IE8. Firefox works fine.

  22. luke.sarker

    Great Work, :) All reference is in a link.

  23. jackin

    yes Bing is really doing well and i am satisfied with traffic, index pages, Bing maps, webmaster tool but somewhat bing should improve in search results.

  24. Anonymous

    Thank you guys for being awesome. I can't wait to see what comes out of the "Will Code for Green" contest.

  25. Anonymous

    Thank you guys for being awesome. I can't wait to see what comes out of the "Will Code for Green" contest.

  26. Anonymous

    One important  note,

    You guys seem to forgot putting the search box in this page. I expected that but I had to click on web to go to your search engine.

  27. Anonymous

    Take your hands from Bing. It's not for a real user. More irritation than  else.


    It's Microsoft like – horrable.

  28. Anonymous

    How much traffic was generated by the 'accidental' and 'automatic' switching of users default search engines in IE?  This is yet another example of dirty tricks by MS.  I may just file a class action law suite…

  29. Anonymous

    Why searches for long-phrases results into 'no matching'?

  30. Anonymous

    Bing is garbage! Why should I switch when google is perfect! In fact Bing copies some of Googles looks and funtionality. Sure, there a few cooler things intergrated, but I give you a few more weeks and google will do one better on that front. Google rocks! Always will, bing is just trying too hard to be cool.

  31. Anonymous

    I hear rumors that Bing is going to finally start releasing some major upgrades to fix concerns voiced by Bing fans.

    Is this true?

  32. Anonymous

    Great affort! I'm looking forward to see some improvements in the accuracy of name-searches (vanity-searches) in the future. It is still too imprecise with too much alternitiv spellings.

  33. Anonymous

    Very pleased with how our site is represented in Bing – thanks!

  34. ccssmikael

    i've been binging many times. results have been greater than ever. good work! the api is also good for us student developers here in the philippines.

  35. Blackpool UK

    great to see that bing is doing brilliantly, keep up the good work.

  36. Anonymous

    i really like bing, because its a smart engine like google. keep up the good work.

  37. Anonymous

    I hope more people start using Bing in everyday searches. I have noticed an increase in the amount of visitors form Bing Search and it's exciting to see this change in traffic trends. Keep up the good work!

  38. abrarshaikh

    As a regular Google user and a Microsoft well-wisher, I decided to give Bing a try after reading the NY Times article.  I must say I was largely satisfied and happy with what I see.  It has been a while there is something good enough to compete with Google.  Keep up the good work…I wanted to give you feedback on some of the features I really like in Bing over Google and the features that I keep going back to Google.  Let's first talk about the things I like about Bing…

    1. Bing Travel is superior to Google and gives the capability to compare prices at some of the most common discount tickets sites.

    2. Shopping cash-back!  Great idea – I like it!  Keep up the innovation!!

    3. Search results with Context – often save me a few clicks and help me be selective on what sites I visit.

    Things I still go back to Google for:

    1. Google maps – I tried out Bing maps – although didn't look hard enough for what was missing – it felt a lot was and I lost patience and went back to more familiar google.  I feel there are tons of folks like me.

    2. Directory Search in Google – Bing needs to come up with better ways to search directories.  I was searching for the phone number for apartments and could not find some of them upfront as a directory search – Bing required me to click on links to find numbers.  I had to go back to Google which gave me the answers I was looking for upfront.

  39. Anonymous

    Directory Search in Google – Bing needs to come up with better ways to search directories.  I was searching for the phone number for apartments and could not find some of them upfront as a directory search – Bing required me to click on links to find numbers.  I had to go back to Google which gave me the answers I was looking for upfront.

  40. Anonymous

    Search results with Context – often save me a few clicks and help me be selective on what sites I visit.

  41. NextBingThing

    I'm always finding new things about Bing and give regular blog updates to my own Live Spaces network. One particular friend keeps telling me how much she enjoys using Bing. I've always loved it and tend to play around with settings now. Amazing picture updates every day, along with fascinating links that just make me want to explore further. Love how the whole thing is being managed and delivered. Bing really is as good as described:-)

  42. Answer Blip Trivia

    I am still confused as to why Bing did not change the design from "live" psychologically I think that people will associate Bing with the previous version "live" when it comes to the search results and their quality. I think this is one area they faulted in.

  43. s.karler

    It is the absolutely best search engine at the moment.

    Go ahead…

  44. Anonymous

    I am definately seeing more searches showing up from Bing.  I think they are doing a good job of competing and making Bing relavent.

  45. Anonymous

    thank u for improving search on blog, your work is really appreciated  and your researches are very deep in terms of knowledge.


    Alexander Cruz

    <a href =";


  46. Anonymous

    It is great to see that Bing is seeing some increase of search share, however, it will take more time than just paid advertising alone to get about half of the search share.

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