Bringing Bing to Hotmail

In February our friends from the Windows Live team announced  plans to pilot a new feature unique to Hotmail called quick add. Today, we’re happy to announce that Bing – Microsoft’s new decision engine – will power Windows Live Hotmail quick add, allowing you to “Bing and Decide” from the comfort of your inbox.*


Hotmail’s quick add feature, now enhanced with Bing helps you easily search, find, and insert restaurant reviews, movie times, images, videos, maps and more straight into your e-mail messages.

Give it a try:quick_add_2


(1) Click New to create a new e-mail message.


(2) Select a category from the Quick add pane on the right.


(3) Type what you want to find in the Bing search box.


(4) Click Insert on the Bing search result that you’d like to add to your message



Check out the Windows Live team blog for more details and be sure to try it out yourself at Windows Live Hotmail and let us know how you like it.



Melissa Powell, Senior Product Manager, Bing



* Currently available in select languages and geographies (Australia, Canada, China, India, US, and UK)


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  1. Quality Directory

    Integrating Bing into Hotmail is an ideal thing to do. Apart from offering ease of use for Hotmail users, it will also help to create awareness and branding for Bing.

  2. jackin

    Bing to Hotmail that's a great news!Hurrah!

  3. Anonymous

    glad to see bing to hotmail, brilliant news!

  4. Lucca Sofiato

    Great news!

  5. Anonymous

    I dig this quick ad I can target relative material to my contacts .. movie clips .. how to vids locations .. images of relvelance .. i like sending tailored videos to my friends ..

  6. Anonymous

    i hate bing

  7. Biggugo

    NIce to see Bing being integrated to Windows Live Hotmail. Bing is the best thing that ever happened to search. Keep the good work up, you Bingomaniacs!!

  8. Biggugo

    NIce to see Bing being integrated to Windows Live Hotmail. Bing is the best thing that ever happened to search. Keep the good work up, you Bingomaniacs!!

  9. Anonymous

    Very Nice :)

  10. Anonymous

    Nice info :))

  11. latest news

    I already tried this option and it looks great!

  12. Anonymous

    This is a great idea! We're big believers in helping people add great content to emails, blog posts, web pages – hey, just about anything.

    If you're looking to to this all over the web, in WordPress, other web mail systems, and the like – check out Lizzer at

  13. Anonymous

    this is great news from bing

  14. Anonymous

    I like bing in hotmail. But i want more windows live + Bing in other services as wel so that user search on bing for their windows live stuffs

  15. Anonymous

    This is very practical.

  16. Anonymous

    This is very practical.

  17. Anonymous
  18. Anonymous

    suzana 25 11 1977 5:13

  19. lazy steve

    Why are you integrating Bing into Hotmail?  Can we get ONE cohesive branding… is it really so hard?

    Bing Mail (Bing Me Baby)

    Bing Search (Bing It On)

    Bing Docs (Word to your mother)

    I think I have seen this somewhere before?  Gee I wonder.  HOTMAIL no matter how you change it has an image problem that some people will never over come. (meaning, people used old old hotmail and it was crap so they are not coming back no matter how great your search engine is… ) Hotmail in many circles is synonymous with secondary/spam account.

    This is why MS fails so miserable at the web.  ONE, ONE, ONE solution and one look/feel.  Right now there is Bing, Windows Live, MSN, Hotmail…  normal users get lost, and give up.  Stick a big poster up… LESS IS MORE.

  20. miles2go

    It must awaited need for hotmail users. As i was using the hotmail from past 8 years. I tried when bing launch. Thanks

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