Bringing a Bit of Twitter to Bing

 There has been much discussion of real-time search and the premium on immediacy of data that has been created primarily by Twitter. We’ve been watching this phenomenon with great interest, and listening carefully to what consumers really want in this space. Today we’re unveiling an initial foray into integrating more real time data into our search results, starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres. This includes Tweets from folks from our own search technology and business sphere like Danny Sullivan or Kara Swisher as well as those from spheres of more general consumer appeal like Al Gore or Ryan Seacrest.

Starting later today, when you search for these folks names in association with Twitter, you’ll see their latest Tweets come up in real time on Bing’s search results. For example, if you type “Kara Swisher Twitter” or “Kara Swisher Tweets” or even “@karaswisher” as your search query, you’ll see something like the below. (Note this feature will be rolling out gradually over the course of the next few hours so you may not see it right away.)


The answer will include that person’s latest Tweets, along with an easy link to “See more tweets” from that individual.

We’re not indexing all of Twitter at this time… just a small set of prominent and prolific Twitterers to start. We picked a few thousand people to start, based primarily on their follower count and volume of tweets. We think this is an interesting first step toward using Twitter’s public API to surface Tweets in people search. We’d love to hear your feedback as we think through future possibilities in real time search.

And while we may not be famous, we are prolific, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news from Bing!

Sean Suchter, General Manager, Search Technology Center, Silicon Valley

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  1. Anonymous

    Great development, thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous

    I am a fan of Bing. However, new and exciting features alone won't propel Bing into the stratosphere. Google did a great job of brainwashing the media and common populace into the "Do no evil" mantra.

    Bing needs to work on the masses with something more creative. Advertising and Marketing alone won't do.

    Bing is great. Don't rest easy.

  3. Anonymous

    Great addition. Too bad this effort will be buried under the jeers and played out snark that accompanies anything to do with MS and Bing.

  4. Anonymous

    This is an awesome feature that I didn't even know I'd love until I saw it here. Proof that there are some innovative minds at work in search @MSFT. Keep it up, and lets see some more stuff rolling out!

  5. Anonymous

    How do I get on that list?

  6. Anonymous

    How do you expect us to take this seriously when hasn't even picked up the $99 iPhone story yet? Seriously, google "$99 iphone" and then search for it on Google has links to how to get it, whereas the bing results are still speculating that it "may be" in the works. You've got a long way to go.

  7. Anonymous

    @Scott hooks:

    The only way to take it seriously is to bing it and verify it for yourself :).

  8. Anonymous

    great job,

    creat more interesting functions and be open to developers will bring bing more

  9. Anonymous

    I love it, thanks so much :) I was using modded greasemonkey scripts to have bing + twitter on google, this is so much cleaner. Keep it coming like this please.

  10. Anonymous

    This is a great development and evolution of search. Best of luck!

  11. Anonymous

    That feature has been available on for a while.”>

    There are many more features to get inspiration from here: good luck

  12. Anonymous

    Does it mean Bing doesn't honor Twitter's robot.txt?

  13. Anonymous

    hmmm bing is becoming really good

  14. Anonymous

    Love the innovation that is Bing.  Keep it coming and say goodby to Google.

  15. Anonymous

    Hmmm yes not to my surprise…Already I have been expecting this, and I think now the race is getting more heated up!!!

  16. Anonymous

    I wish you well in your efforts to stop GOOG from consuming the planet!

  17. Anonymous

    Bing is great and I would definitely use the site more often if it had a more streamlined, clean appearance.

  18. Anonymous

    Excellent move. Twitter is the ultimate in real time information and news

  19. Anonymous

    Really a great addition to bing..

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks, this is great!

  21. Danda

    Why not make some integration with facebook (sence MS invests heavily in FB)?

  22. Anonymous

    In my work as medical director of an urgent care service, I, and my colleague physicians, often need information very fast on a particular medical topic. While medical information on the Internet must be scrutinized, still, popular search engines are used to look up disease entities or medications. I would think that Microsoft has an opportunity (even for a fee based service) to create additional filtering based on professional needs. So, if I could activate a filter in Bing that does extra work to filter out non-medical sites, this could dramatically increase the value of the first few hits that are returned. So, if a doctor "bings" the term fracture, the first hit would NOT be (as it is in Google) a reference to a movie, but rather would be to orthopedic sites. This would save teh doctor from trying to add search parameters (like "orthopedic" or "medical" or "cast") in order to achieve the same filtering result.

  23. Anonymous

    I think this is good :)

    Hope it comes to the UK Version

  24. Anonymous

    It's high time you came out with this, bing is good search engine but you need to do more to get more market share from google

  25. Ilija Brajkovic

    This is nice feature, but I would like to have link to, let's say, Kara's Twitter profile and her tweets when I search only for Kara Swisher.

  26. Anonymous

    Hmm, I have to say i have been very impressed by Bing lately. However as one of the comments pointed out, to get the masses using Bing MSFT has to do something extra liek making it fashionable to bing or making headlines with great results or great interface….

  27. Anonymous

    Great idea.

  28. Anonymous

    Is this just an American thing or does it work worldwide?  Because I am based in the UK and tried the above examples in this blog, and it doesn't come up for me?

  29. Anonymous

    Indexing "prominent and prolific Twitterers" doesn't really help for real-time search, because these people tend to be commenting on earlier reports. You need to index the previously anonymous guys who just happen to be in the right place (or wrong place!) at the right time to see something newsworthy.

  30. Anonymous

    It would be awesome if you integrated a Twitter profile link in the site links for those results that have Site Links appears.

    Dell as an example has a handful of site links under the result. Adding a link to their twitter page in the site link display would be useful.

  31. ccssmikael

    i can't see my own tweets! bing my account! ccssmikael on twitter!

  32. Anonymous

    i love Bing once its started. this is surely not same effort as MS does with search in the past days. Bing bring lot more innovation and ideas than even Google does when it started. There are more to do in decision engine to do decision to move to Bing completely. and I'm clearly seeing the effort and innovation day by day. Hope this team will give better work than people expect. i would deeply thanks Bing team for its effort for something new and innovative. keep it up.


  33. Anonymous

    I wonder how long it'll be before Bing do "follow @bing and get listed"

  34. Seika

    I tried the sample query above, but didn't get the result as shown in the screenshot. The first result is just link to their twitter profile.

    Why wont Bing just make the query like "twitter @username" show the recent tweets from any user as mentioned, regardless of them being indexed or not (too much load to the system?)

  35. Anonymous

    great post!

  36. Anonymous

    Good feature….doesn't work in Canada.

  37. Anonymous

    Just an FYI, Bing – follower count can be misleading. Yes, it's a vague indicator of popularity, but it's not the best indicator of relevance, because there are thousands of meaningless auto-followers available…the real money is in the actual tweets. It's about the content, not the follower count!

  38. Anonymous

    We can't use bing at work as we just get "Content Encoding Error" on the web search results page in Firefox. It's only the web search that throws up this problem (image search is fine).

    We don't experience the issue with Google or any other search engine.

    Can we do anything to fix it? I've seen on Twitter that others are having the same problem.

  39. Anonymous

    My web browser home page has been for years yet I always relied on Google for all my search needs even though Live Search (now Bing) was right there for me to use. Now I find that since launched it just gets better and better and I rarely need to use Google any more. Keep up the great work Bing! Your accurate results and appealing format will win out in the end.

  40. Anonymous

    Add support for searching all tweets. When you do a search with "Twitter" in the query, display it as you currently do.  But if "Twitter" isn't in the query simply list the results under the "Twitter" category.  I want it all indexed!!!

  41. Anonymous


    Congrats on your success.  Welcome to Silicon Valley.  We are working on Real Time Search in SiliconAngle Labs and the problem that we are working on is how to determine prolific in context.  

  42. kbock70

    Microsoft Bing has to learn the value of users, not just the popular 'came-before-you' models. Engage in active social communication with the consumer. They are important..but all the big guys easily forget…I see Micro Bing may be no different.

  43. kbock70

    ps, review your commenter remarks:

    Chris Desouza, aditya, alien, trevor, danda (asking basically, in social media..where the heck are you guys??), ankit dass, ian m (suggesting of bargaining before adding to search results? if communicating properly & seemingly transparent, less ppl would assume something of that nature)..

  44. Glen Gordon

    Great feature! Any chance we can get a web slice for the tweets?

  45. Quality Directory

    Follower count can easily be abused or has already started. So basing primarily on the Twitter members' follower count and volume of tweets is not a good measure. It will be a good idea to quickly include every Twitter member, regardless of one's follower count or tweets.

  46. Anonymous

    I'm a passionate user of Google, and I believe Bing is going to right direction.

    Good Luck!

  47. Anonymous

    I think it's a great idea. It would be ideal if Twitter Results were a separate category so the user wouldn't have to include a twitter-related word in their search to see the most recent tweets.

  48. Anonymous

    @bing – good job sucking upto Kara Swisher and Danny Sullivan with this blog post.

  49. kbock70

    wtf, lol

  50. Anonymous

    Bing has a long way to go, the searches are behind, where as Google's seem instantaneous media convergence.

    Keep working at it and employ lots of Ajax, Googles just venturing more and more into this, but if Bing can find a unique way to use it they may catch some steam.

    K.I.S.S. of course..

  51. Anonymous

    need a litter more time to better know it!and use it!

  52. Anonymous

    Gute Idee, Twitter mehr vom Bing-Suchroboter scannen zu lassen. Twitter-Posts lassen viele Trends erkennen. Und Trend-Themen sind für Suchmaschinen naturlich absolut wichtig.

  53. jackin

    great features on Bing but hope this benefit to all who have less followers on twit!ter

  54. Anonymous

    Bing with Twitter results. This is really an interesting combo in information search.

  55. Anonymous

    I personally see this as a great feature…


  56. Anonymous

    Bing is great search technology

  57. Anonymous

    i think it is stupid we should know that somwthing bad happenend but dont expect anything to be easy

  58. Anonymous


  59. Anonymous

    Great news. Let's choose just one day in a whole year when we all use Bing and no Google, Yahoo or other search engine and any of their products and see if we can manage to complete our daily tasks

  60. HeatherGrey

    Does Microsoft own Twitter?  

    What is the mainstream medias infatuation with twitter?  

    Is there some evil mastermind plan in play that I am missing?

  61. Anonymous


  62. Text Reggae - Your City to 88202

    Like the development indeed, google is in for some real competition. I am very happy with this development because then it will be easier to share information with people and much quicker

  63. Anonymous

    Yes, Bing is slowly coming forward and making good progress.  I like Google, but in any industry, competition is healthy.  Ik keeps people on their toes.  Rgds Vince

  64. Anonymous

    Where can we see a list of what Twitter accounts they are using for this?

  65. Anonymous

    Great feature! Bing is coming forward and making good progress :)

  66. Anonymous

    I'll try. Thanks.

    Greatings from Hannover, Germany

  67. Anonymous

      bing的姐姐bitch发牢骚说:“ 俺弟弟的市场份额咋不见起色?!”我(何健)说:“bing他有病。即使他成功了,也只代表他成功。侬发啥飙!在共赢的理念下,你俩是陌生人!侬还是老老实实从事性服务业吧!去台湾,那里的刘老(刘兆玄)很欢迎侬!”


  68. Quality Directory

    Interesting development but many webmasters have started manipulating Twitter.

  69. Anonymous

    They should just leave it alone.

  70. 123

    It is for evryone to use, not just them.

  71. Anonymous

    Think people in this community need to stop kissing Microsoft ass!

    Seriously, ok so you support twitter! Big deal.. Why do I still have to type in "Google OS Twitter" in order to see twitter results – what happened to discovering new and innovative sites and service through search?

    What if I've never heard of Twitter? – using Bing, I will never discover twitter by accident because it doesnt come up in a search unless i type in "search string + twitter OR @name)

    Check out this site to compare Bing vs Google results to see how Google wins all the time, hands down!

    You guys need to start stepping up or there will be no Microsoft in 20 years from now!

    Digital GH

  72. Anonymous

    Why only the twitter result for keywords "Kara Swisher Twitter" or "Kara Swisher Tweets" etc… I think bing should also list results of twitter when the people search for "Kara Swisher" as a keyword.

  73. Anonymous

    Really it synchronise bridge gap between web portal with search engine.

  74. Anonymous


  75. Anonymous


  76. Anonymous


  77. Anonymous


  78. Anonymous


  79. Anonymous


  80. Anonymous
  81. Anonymous
  82. Anonymous
  83. guilhermeacf


    I am using bing and twitter a lot! I was thinking about this feature for URL compression that could be added as a acceleration tool, or directly as an option on the preview hoove-over feature at bing!

    This feature could possibly bring twitter and bing one more step together!



  84. Anonymous

    I use Bing almost exclusively now.

  85. Answer Blip Trivia

    I think this was one of the best things they had done. It sets them apart from the other search engines and shows they are thinking ahead.


  86. Anonymous

    I first heard about Bing on Austar today 30/07/09 and tried it out this evening, and all I can think to say is WOW.  It is so fast compared to Yahoo, both international and Australia, I will be using Bing to locate items from now on as it has certainly cut my search time down, don't get me wrong Google has a lot to offer but Google is not everything to everyone, and so I chose to go with Yahoo, now I find Bing is more convienient, and usefull to meet our needs, thankyou microsoft you have done it again.

  87. Anonymous

    Go Microsoft, and Yahoo you Microsof have always Kicked Backside Now You have a Team member on board

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