Bing Shines Bright from Seattle

Some of you here in the Seattle area may have noticed the giant light beaming from the Pacific Science Center and the cool orange glow of the Space Needle. Whether you saw it or not, Bing is here to tell you all about it. Not only does Bing have the answer, but Bing IS the answer! In honor of today’s official unveiling of Bing, Microsoft’s first ever decision engine, we’re lighting up the city’s most well known monument to commemorate this special occasion. 



With Bing, we are focused on helping you complete tasks faster by presenting better organized and more relevant content, great tools to help you in your search experience, and services that can be found only on Bing that help people save time and money in four key areas: travel, shopping, local and health. Check the blog regularly as we take deep dives into some of the new Bing features such as Best Match, Preview, Search History and many more. In the meantime, go start exploring! We suggested a few queries to try here in a previous post if you’re seeking inspiration.

Thanks so much for all your feedback, comments and enthusiasm around Bing over the past few days here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter. We’re so glad to be officially deployed as of today. Please keep the feedback coming.


Go Bing or Go Home.


Whitney Burk, Director, Bing

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