Bing is here!

We announced the imminent arrival of Bing last week and the excitement has been building ever since. Beginning today, opens its front door worldwide. Welcome! We hope you enjoy the new experience and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Want some sample queries to try? Check out “Nordstrom,” “Fedex,” “Seattle Mariners,” “Justin Timberlake,” “fitness,” “flights from SAN to JFK,” or “Canon cameras.” We think you’ll like what you find.

If you’re trying to access Bing from other entry points, like toolbars, you may still get the old Live Search experience for a few days, but we expect to be fully deployed as Bing across all search entry points by June 3. 

We have another exciting announcement to make today which you’re experiencing as we speak – the unveiling of our new Bing Community site ( We’ve designed this new community site as a way to engage, educate and excite you – the community – on all things Bing.  Through the new site, we’re aggregating all our relevant Bing blogs, forums, rich media and event information in one place where you can get your fill of all Bing topics including webmaster content, developer info, mapping updates, Powerset or the latest info from Bing Travel.

We’re very excited about the new community and would love your feedback. Visit the forums, comment on blog posts and get into the conversation!

Betsy Aoki, Program Manager, Bing

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  1. Fleet Command

    I discovered Bing just an hour ago. It was Windows Live Search, then Live Search and now it is Bing. But for me, it will always remain "Microsoft Search".

    I have recently noticed something: Microsoft is producing products that no longer have any sign of Microsoftiness. The rationale was to produce good products and let everyone know who creates good products. But what about now? Has Microsoft changed idea? Do it no longer think it is producing good products? Just "Bing!"?

    I always considered Windows Live Search one of the only two good parts of the whole suite of Windows Live. But now it is torn apart — divorced Windows Live. No sign of Microsoft or Windows. Is there going to be a full-scale spin-off? Or bigger than that, is there going to be a full-scale change of ideology and strategy?

    "Bing" is a good name for a consumer product. Reminds me of Chandler Bing, a funny character but very successful nonetheless.

  2. Anonymous

    i do not like  bing how v can i get rid of it

  3. jarrettwold

    I suspect astroturfing inbound from goog, yhoo and others.  However, last time I was this blown away by search? I switched to that overnight.  Switched to bing today.

    What are they putting in your water lately?  Windows 7 (I love Vista, but heard 7 is better), and good search from MSFT?  Forget buying YHOO at this point, it's a waste of money.  Good job you all, seriously.

    ps. still keeping gmail and chrome 😉

  4. Anonymous

    I haven't been impressed with a new search engine in a while. I love it, great work!

  5. Anonymous

    I don't want 'Bing'…..I want "Windows Live Search" back the way it was!!!  'Bing' is data-mining like Google…..and takes space away from seeing more site info before following links.  Whomever made the decision to change over to 'Bing' should be fired!!!

  6. StevieJ


  7. Rancho Murieta

    Can we change the background?

  8. StevieJ

    I hate when MS does things like this….changes things on my computer without my consent!!!

    The "Bing" cookies are embedded on my computer and can't even remove them with FileAssasin… guys suck!!!

  9. StevieJ

    I want "Bing" off my God-damned computer!!!  I't's embedded like a frick'n virus!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Great job ! looking forward to using it.

  11. Kevinul

    @Steviej: What do you mean you want "Bing" off of your computer? It's not "on" it at all, and if you want the cookies to be gone, for any reason, just delete them. I don't know what the hell the trouble is, but there you go.

    Also, Microsoft didn't change anything on your computer without your consent. I don't know what the h*** you're talking about, but Microsoft Bing is not the suspect. Try to research more, that may help a bit more.


    As far as I'm concorned, Microsoft Bing is an improvement that could do some "good" to their search engine market share. It might not be enough to "harm" Google's market share, though.

  12. Web-JIVE

    I found a bug in bing search results.  When typing Arkansas Web Design, the same company gets listed twice on the first page.

    Look for There are two links for their site.  Having the same company show up twice on "page one" is pretty inconsistent with how sites should be ranked IMHO.

    The search is looking good…


    Eric Caldwell

  13. Fleet Command

    Actually, it's just "Bing", not "Microsoft Bing". And this is a very important point too. You see, "Windows Live Search" was too long a brand name to become a verb for casual everyday use. People kept saying "Google this", "google that", "googing" but never said "Windows Live Search this" or "Windows Live Searching". Microsoft chose "Bing" because it is a consumer-friendly name. If it turn out to become a good search engine, you'll see people saying "Bing this", "Bing that" and "Binging" quite often.

    Of course, another possibility was to use "Windows Live Search" but make such a great search engine that people volunatrily say "Search it with Windows Live Search" and don't even think about the length of the name. Wikipedia is such an example. Everybody says "Look it up in Wikipedia" and nobody feels he or she should throw away Wikipedia because its name is unwieldy. But apparently, Microsoft isn't confident taking on Google.

    Now, Bing IS going to have a hard time taking on Google. Basically, even assuming that Bing's search power to be greater than Google, Bing is still not usable to everyone while Google is. Bing is a search engine only for rich, fast and powerful but Google is search engine for everyone.

  14. Anonymous

    What the hell is this BING lark??? I never use Live Search anyway and I dont think I will use BING. Just because you put syrup on s***t doesn't make it a pancake!

  15. Anonymous

    I can never understand how Losers can complain about anything FREE get a grip lamer :)

  16. Anonymous

    Bing is nice search engine and I hope it will be successful.Best of luck :)

  17. china

    A good place , i will come here eveday.

  18. Anonymous

    BING IS AWESOME google sucks

  19. Anonymous

    me yes is right

  20. Anonymous

    I think that Windows should be renamed "Bing"! This sounds very reasonable…

  21. Bing Blogger

    Bing is here, and I couldn't be more excited.  Other search engines are stale and don't offer anything innovative (a search is a search, news is news).  Bing seems to bring the best of the future here today, the new features are cool, and cashback is a great returning feature.

    All in all, Bing has a bright future. :)

  22. Anonymous

    Cool search engine.Goodluck google! :-)

  23. popster

    Bing, reminds me of chandler bing from friends, i wonder if he is gonna sue MS for using his stage name,,lol,,

    nonetheless, MS claims to have released bing only last week but my homepage change to about a month ago, i changed it back thinking it was one of those stupid popups that keep popping up eveyrtime u click on a webpage and it must have somehow changed my home page.

    So MS claims to not be forcing people to use if thats the case then why did they change my homepage to bing without letting me know, it's irretating, with that said, i like bing, i think it's better than live search and better than google in my opinion, google seems old, good result at times but everytime i search for something it brings me something totaly different, i didnt get that with bing, bing doesnt produce as much result as google does but it's more accurate and i also like the features on the side-bar,,for example when you type a famous persons name u get the search results like u do in google but the side-bar appears which breaks it down into categories, pic,vid,bio, ect,ect, i think thats cool and it saves me a lot of time, alos the background is cool, i would like the option of changing it to my preference though but i don't know if MS will let us do that,,just a thought if ur listening BILL.

    and whoever slates bing is either a hater of MS or has no sense of whats good and whats bad,, seriously i never thought MS would make such a good search engine, live was ok but it just didnt capture my imagination and the color scheme on the search results was crap, but this bing seems to hit all the right notes so far,,,so enough of me and let the bing bing it up an' down.

  24. Anonymous

    Buck up Microsoft.let's give Google a run for its money

  25. Steve

    Hey nice to SEE Bing :) I am very happy with layout .. hope we have better features than live here :)

  26. Heera

    Hey Bing Rock…

    I love Bing search

  27. Anonymous

    I really like the new look – very clean and contemporary. But what happened to the Live Search Macros feature formerly available with MSN Live Search, which allowed you to create your own search macro?

  28. thomashawk

    I've tried Bing now for two days instead of Google.  I think I'll probably go back to Google.

    What I like about Bing.

    1.  Not having to load pages in image search.

    2.  The fact that videos start playing when you mouse over them.

    What I don't like about Bing.

    1.  You can only set you preferences to load 50 items (Google lets you set it to 100).

    2.  Search on Google seems better.  Example:  Do a search for Bing Blog Microsoft on Bing vs. Bing Blog Microsoft on Google and Google does a better job of finding this blog.

    3.  It blows my mind that you guys would bury "news" search under the "more" search category while keeping shopping, MSN, and Windows Live as top line search menu items.  I search using news every single day.  To have to click "more" every single time I want to search news is just a show stopper.  By burying news and promoting shopping instead MSFT shows once again that the drive to monetize too early is a perpetual problem.

    4.  Very slow load times with the community pages.  too much hang time on

    I will keep trying it for the next few days I think, but if MSFT doesn't at minimum move "News" to a main page menu search item I'm pretty sure I'm going back to Google in the next few days.

  29. Anonymous

    IT professional in Infosys,

    Its very good search engine Bing,

    I love to search on Bing.

    its really very good service of standard search engine.

  30. Anonymous

    BING SUCKS!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Tried to call MSN at the following numbers:

    (866) 234-6020 …They don't handle it

    877 635 7019 … They sent back to the first number

    Called first number and they gave this number

    800 386 5550 …. Got tired of waiting

    If anyone can get through and get an answer to getting rid of BING please post!

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