Live Search Makes Playoff Searches Easier

Live Search Makes Playoff Searches Easier



When I last blogged, Derek Jeter searches had tripled and major league baseball was in full swing. Fast forward a few weeks, and while Derek Jeter is probably still a top search (when is he not?), some may argue that the current show stopper is Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who’s leading his team in the Eastern Conference finals of the 2009 NHL playoffs. Or Kobe Bryant, who led the Lakers with 34 points despite the Nuggets’ win to tie the series at 2-2 in the NBA playoffs.



Whether you’re devoted to hockey or basketball, Live Search can help you get your fix—fast. Because if there’s one thing we know about sports fans, it’s that you don’t keep a fan waiting for player stats and scores. So these Instant Answers are going to be particularly useful for all the die-hard NBA fans following the Lakers, Nuggets, Cavs, or Magic; and the NHL fans tracking the Hurricanes, Canes, Red Wings, Hawks, or Pens.



Simply type in, “NHL,” “NBA,” or “NHL or NBA + the date,” and you’ll get a summary of recent games and current standings in the series.




Or enter your favorite player for season stats, recent scores, news, and upcoming game details.




If you can’t watch the games, use Live Search and the NHL and NBA Instant Answer for a detailed account of the games as they happen.

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We developed Instant Answers to help simplify key search tasks and save you time. Read more here and take a look at some of the others we’ve talked about recently, such as the Instant Answers for the Oscars, March Madness, Major League Baseball, and the Kentucky Derby.



As always, we welcome feedback on this or any Instant Answer.



Theo Vachovsky, Instant Answers Product Manager, Live Search

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