The New Brand Has Arrived! Drum Roll Please…

It’s a proud day for us here at Live Search. We are finally unveiling our long-awaited, updated and ready-for-today’s-internet new brand: MSN Windows Live Search on We’ve done lots of customer research on each component of the new brand name, so we’re sure you will like it. Danny, it’s, just like you asked for. Sort of. (We wanted you to know we were listening). For those of you who fear change, you can see we have maintained a deep connection to our past. All of it. Or something like that. And we’ve even got one of those nifty “@” signs in there that you Tweeters seem to like so much.

Enjoy the new brand. Long may it prosper!


Whitney Burk

Director, Live Search

P.S. I’m on vacation starting today (Hawaii!) so won’t be responding to any comments on this blog. Try @Live_Search on Twitter.  Someone is watching that one.  Always.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have a brand name I think would be great, Searph

    It’s "search", but instead of ‘c’, it’s "p".

    And it’s like "surf" (the web).

    Feel free to contact me if interest.


  2. Anonymous

    I LOVE the name Kumo.  Live Search is dead.

    Kumo sounds like The Big Kahuna.  I think Kumo sounds like a Hawaiian shark.  Kumo Eat Nemo.  Good Disney storyline.

    (It should be JUST Kumo, not Kumo at Microsoft.  Don’t screw this up.)

    Tina in Redmond

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