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Stefan here – sorry for the hiatus. We’ve been out on the road talking to people across the search ecosystem to get their feedback on what we think are some unsolved problems in the search space. More on that later because now we’ve got a treat for you all. I mentioned early on that we want to bring some people who actually know what they are talking about into the blog discussion (in contrast to me who, while able to talk about anything, is rarely the authority on it).

Today we have Roopali Kaujalgi from the API team talking about why the Live Search API 2.0 is the new hotness. Even if you’re not a developer, you might be interested in seeing the power of what developers can do with a little code and their imagination. I got a TON of questions about this stuff while I was at SxSW, so I know at least a dozen of you will find this scintillating.

Click to watch Stefan's video interview of Roopali Kaujalgi

Until next week…

Stefan Weitz, Director, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    Does your cashback program have an API?

  2. Anonymous

    re: Does your cashback program have an API? – Nope – not at this time.

  3. Anonymous

    Looking at your new live search application programming interface, it is nice and have a fresh appeal.

    Can you throw more light on how users can effectively use the new "traffic management functionality" in the developer center?

  4. Anonymous

    The traffic management functionality lets you check and download the 24 hr traffic usage for a given AppID. The traffic information is provided for 5 minute buckets. At this point you can download the excel sheet with the traffic data locally and perform any offline analysis you want to do on the data.

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