Your everyday online cash detector

Maybe you’ve heard about Live Search cashback before — and maybe you’ve even taken advantage of it… If you have, you’re going to end up running into a predicament like the one below, sooner or later. (This actually happened to a colleague of mine recently):

I bought a Wii online; and then found out the next day that I could have saved almost $100 had I used Live Search Cashback!! I was so mad.

Now, I don’t want this to happen to you. And I’m going to share with you a great tool that ensures that it won’t.

The MSN Toolbar ( contains a cashback–offer-detecting mechanism. This means that wherever you search online — whether it’s Yahoo, Live, Google or Craigslist — the toolbar will gleam an icon if there is cashback available for the item you searched for.

Image of MSN toolbar with cashback gleam

It never fails, and when you click the gleam it brings you to the page where the cashback offer is available.

The toolbar comes with a bunch of useful functionality — and it definitely comes with some peace of mind: You won’t miss a great deal, wherever you go online.

Don’t leave your home page without it.

Mikko Ollila, Product Manager, Live Search

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