Live Search autosuggestions come to Firefox

We’re happy to report that we’ve officially integrated Live Search into Firefox by popular demand.

The Live Search add-on for Firefox gives you auto-suggestions from Live Search right in the browser while you’re typing your query. For example, start to type “Bruce Springsteen” into the Live Search box, and you’re shown relevant suggestions. The list of suggestions refreshes as you continue typing or when you change the query. You can click the suggestion that best matches what you were searching for to speed you to your results. The add-on is available in the following markets: Australia (AU), Canada (CA), India (IN), Ireland (IE), New Zealand (NZ), Philippines (PH), South Africa (ZA), United Kingdom (UK), and United States (US).

The Live Search add-on for Firefox is available to install at It’s based on the Open Search standard and uses the JSON interface supported by Firefox to retrieve autosuggestions.

Image of Live Search autosuggestions in Firefox

Enjoy speedier, easier searching, and let us know what you think!

Beatrice Oltean, Program Manager, Live Search
Debapriya Ray, Live Search, Senior Product Manager

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