Searching for change in Chicago

But not the political sort. Part of the Live Search team is headed to SES Chicago. We hope to “change” the minds of those who’ve never tried us before and show something new to those who have. We’ll try to do this through a number of panel discussions covering topics such as:

  • How blended search is evolving for us
  • How semantic technology is changing the future of search
  • What’s our take on search’s role in the marketing of packaged goods
  • The latest update on our ad tools offerings

That’s not all. We’ll be involved in other discussions, which we hope will serve as catalysts for change.

So if you’re in for some change, come by and we’ll try to make it happen. See you in Chicago!

Monday, December 8th

Wednesday, December 10th

Thursday, December 11th

Aya Zook, Product Manager, Live Search

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  1. Anonymous

    Whats up with 8% cashback? Why so little?

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps you should be working on everyone’s cashback for the HP/ 40% fiasco, instead of taking trips to Chicago.

  3. Anonymous

    FIX IT!!!!! FIX ITTT!!!! Complete your promise on the HP Cahback program and rerun the deal.  Everyone event you have will be consumed with people asked you about this until you do.  Work smarter than this people.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m just looking for the best possible deal on some Christmas items.  30% cashback led me to look for the Canon 580 ex ii only to find it now reduced to 8%.  Where is the Christams Sprit?  

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmm, change.

    When are you going to improve the spelling correction suggestions feature in  Live search.

    When making typo’s the correction is terrible. I make a lot of typo’s and need Live search to give me the correct suggetions.

    And no, "suggetions" is just an example of a deliberate typo that Live search is unable to make a valid suggestion for whilst Google easily comes up with "suggestions". Why is Live search doing so poor on this. Does Microsoft not understand  how this works ?

    Come on people.

    How hard can it be ???

    Stop with the rubbish discussions on advanced features whilst you can’t even have the most basic of features implemented decently like others can.

  6. Anonymous

    One thing I would love to see in a search engine is the ability to visualize data and show it in an easily understandable manner.  I know there was some talk of this but no one has done it.  Granted, the Microsoft Instant Answers are really good but it would be great to type in "3 month Libor" and get a graph of historical Libor rates.  I assume that this would take a little time so perhaps it could be displayed in a side tab like Powerset displays additional info.  

    I was searching for some data visualization sites and came across the following:

    It would be awesome to see Live Search visualize data like this.  Please work on it!!

  7. Anonymous


    I also have been having problems with the Cashback program.  I have been waiting now for 5 months and still not received the Cashback.  Some how my account was deleted and their is no way to log into that account and click the Cashback icon so Microsoft can deposit the money into my Paypal account.  I even have all the original emails sent me and the Ebay files that show as proof I used the Cashback program.  If anyone knows a telephone number I can call I would appreciate.  Thanks

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