Update on the Black Friday cashback outage

We want to apologize again for the outage on Friday and the inconvenience it has caused. We deeply regret that many users were unable to access the Live Search cashback service.

We’ve been working diligently to correct the issues. We’ve been in constant communication with the customer support team about those orders that were incorrectly processed, and we have now reached out to all affected customers whose email addresses and purchase details we have on file. These customers should see the correct cashback amount reflected in their accounts by the end of the weekend.

There have been lots of questions on whether the 40% off HP promotion on Black Friday will be restarted. While we were hoping to be able to do that, we are sorry to report that it will not be restarted.

If there are any remaining customers whose cashback purchases haven’t yet been acknowledged via email, whether from HP or any other merchant, we invite them to contact us at https://support.search.live.com with their order number and email address. We are committed to responding to all remaining inquiries within 48 hours and to ensuring the appropriate cashback amounts are credited for all eligible purchases.

Wishing you a stress-free remainder of your holiday shopping season,


Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Worldwide Commercial Search

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