Answers to your comments about the cashback blackout

We want to answer the most common questions that have appeared in the comments section in response to yesterday’s post about Friday’s cashback outage (Black Friday cashback blackout).

How do I receive credit for an order that is not showing the correct rebate in my Live Search cashback account?

All orders placed on HP Shopping through Live Search cashback on November 28, 2008 are eligible for a 40% cashback rebate. If your account is showing a 3% rebate or not displaying any rebate for an eligible order, please contact customer support with your Live Search cashback ID and order number to receive your full rebate: You can also contact customer support for assistance with your cashback rebate for orders placed through cashback on Friday with our other partners. We’ll do everything we can to credit your account as quickly as possible.

I placed an order directly through the store’s website. Will I be able to receive cashback?

Orders placed directly at the store’s website are not eligible for the Microsoft Live Search cashback program and terms. Orders must have been placed through Live Search to qualify. We are unable to give credit for purchases outside of our system.

Will the HP deal be restarted soon?

We’re working actively to determine next steps for any specific HP promotions. We regret that we don’t have more specific details at this time, but we can point customers to other Live Search cashback merchants with great deals on HP products, including eBay, which is currently offering 20% cashback.

Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Worldwide Commercial Search

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