Looking forward to PubCon 2008

PubCon (Nov 11–14) has established itself as a rich forum for web professionals of all shapes and sizes to come together to network, learn, and share the latest on SEM topics and more. It has become a key event for us on the conference circuit, so our team is excited to be joining Brett Tabke and the WebmasterWorld team in Las Vegas this week for PubCon 2008.

I’m particularly looking forward to having the chance to address an audience of around 3,000 attendees on Thursday, the 13th for the final day’s keynote. In my talk, I’ll discuss how the search engine landscape continues to evolve rapidly and the opportunity that provides for us all.

I’ll also share updates on how Microsoft is innovating for consumers, advertisers, and publishers by:

  • Demonstrating progress and new features with Live Search
  • Explaining how advertisers can achieve increased ROI from search
  • Showcasing how publishers can make the most of Live Search as a platform

Members of the Microsoft Search and Advertising teams will be in attendance throughout the conference. Make sure you check out their conference sessions (listed below) and be sure to stop by and see us all at Booth 17.

Satya Nadella, Senior VP, Search, Portal and Advertising Group

Live Search sessions at PubCon

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

  • 10:00–11:20 am, PPC Engine Vendor Panel — Doug Stotland, Director, adCenter.
  • 1:30–2:50 pm, Video Engines — New Kids Rocking The Web. Henry Hall, Senior Product Manager, Live Search

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

  • 1:30–2:50 pm, SEO and Big Search — Derrick Wheeler, Senior SEO Architect, Microsoft.com.
  • 4:10–5:30 pm, Interactive Site Reviews: Focus on Organic — Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager, Webmaster Center, Live Search

Thursday, November 13, 2008

  • 10:15–11:30 am, Getting Rid of Duplicate Content Issues Once and For All — Derrick Wheeler, Senior SEO Architect, Microsoft.com
  • 10:15–11:30 am, Contextual Ad Program Vendors Roundtable — Kevin McCabe, Senior Product Manager, MSA
  • 11:30–12:45 pm, Learning To Love Your Quality Score — Mary Berk, Senior Program Manager, adCenter
  • 2:50–4:05 pm, Interactive Site Reviews — Nathan Buggia, Program Manager Lead, Webmaster Center, Live Search
  • 4:10–5:30 pm, Search Engine Smackdown — Nathan Buggia, Program Manager Lead, Webmaster Center, Live Search

We’ll also be presenting the SearchBash party for all conference attendees on Thursday evening.

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