Buy now on eBay for 25% cashback

Christmas presents to be purchased? Budget a bit tight? Microsoft Live Search has a solution for all the parents out there being harassed for big ticket items by our kids. Why not save up to 25% right now?

I need an Xbox 360 for ankle-biter number one. What is the plan? I head on over to and search for “xbox 360,” where I see a bunch of search results. At the top I see “Xbox 360” with the gold coin cashback icon and “Live Search cashback.” That’s what I’m after!

Image of Live Search cashback results for Xbox 360

Clicking the result takes me to to complete my purchase. But first I need to make sure I have a cashback account so I don’t miss out on my discount. If you’re not yet signed up, do so at Opening an account is very easy. Find out more here

This 25% cashback offer has a few conditions attached. Remember, this offer applies to Buy-It-Now offers on eBay, paid with a PayPal account, and a total of $200 rebate. The cashback $$ will be available for you to redeem 60 days after completing the purchase. By the way, this is offered in the U.S. only.

I know where I’ll be doing my shopping in the lead up to Christmas.

Kok Waii Wong, Group Product Manager, Live Search

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