We interrupt this broadcast!

We’ve been having a great time bringing you our daily homepage updates over the past couple of months. You may have noticed that our normal programming for the Live Search homepage content is occasionally interrupted by newsworthy events, like last week’s World Series image of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrating their win.

We think that the 2008 presidential election is about as newsworthy an event as you get. Regardless of which party wins, the results will be historic for our country and we wanted to celebrate the occasion with an image of the winner. So we planned one image for each candidate and hoped we’d know who the winner was by early Wednesday morning. Once the image is live, it will run until midnight Wednesday and then we’ll resume our normal programming with a fantastic shot from the Maldive Islands.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new homepage, and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

– the Live Search Homepage team

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  1. Anonymous

    can u plz tel me when this great Homepage will be available for indian users.??

  2. Anonymous

    Although I’m located in Germany the Live US Homepage is my Browser Welcome Page. So every morning starts with a little surprise :-) Why don’t you enable this great feature in the international markets? I’m sure people all over the world will love it!

  3. Anonymous

    The above two comments already said what I was about to ask… ‘why are international users blocked from seeing Live search images?’

    Actually I’d just be happy to know there was an actual reason behind it =)

  4. Anonymous

    i also want to know why is your search engine 99,9% focused on US of A?

    it’s hard not to feel left out

    maby u should do a search for "earth" on your live search, and see what comes out

  5. Anonymous

    The homepage is great, but the links at the top are just random. Homepage, MSN, Live homepage, Hotmail, Cashback, advanced search?

    There’s just no continuity. Plus, the new Windows Live has a light blue theme, and this one is some sort of blue on greyish blue. Nothing looks the same.

  6. Anonymous

    I certainly want to see the images on Live Search India page. Please make an effort to get that happen

  7. Anonymous

    Agree with all the comments here – when is Live going to rollout features to the International Market?

    It makes no sense to exclude non-USA users.

  8. Anonymous

    The pictures are great on the homepage, only thing I would like to see is a live.com picture history, so you can show someone "yesterdays" picture because there have been very cool pictures that I’ve wanted to show people the next week. Probably could do a gallery just for the backgrounds I think there has been over 120 pictures 98% fantastic.

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